Design Updates: Archidex 2018


Indonesia Design has been supporting ARCHIDEX for eight consecutive years. This year, we went to the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia to see the latest updates in the architecture, interior design and building construction industry. Below are our selections.

Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry

In public rest rooms, we often found many sinks but less hand dryers are available while actually the demand is equal. British electronic company Dyson comes up with a smart two-in-one solution, where the faucet comes with two “wings” on its left and right side of the hand dryer. With this product, you can do both activities at once. Compared to the use of paper towels and regular hand dryer, the product is environmentally friendly with lower maintenance costs: paperless and less electricity consumption.

Holoworld 3D aquarium

In this high-tech digital world, visual presentation can be very manipulative. Just several doors before iD’s booth, I found this 3D Aquarium by Holoworld that doesn’t include a drop of water. It looks like a real aquarium – from the fish movements, to sound of the air bubbles. With this “aquarium”, we can have the sensation of having pet fish, without worrying about the odour and the maintenance. The size, as well as the fish and plants display, can be adjusted according to the availability of our space.

Monier Rainwater Harvesting System

As people are becoming more aware of sustainable living, they go for tools that help them live greener. Some years earlier, we saw how buildings were equipped with the water recycling system for toilet flush, and so on. Today, Monier is introducing the Rainwater Harvesting System, which collects water from the roof and filters it to produce clean water before going into the tank. The water is safe for flushing, house cleaning and gardening. This year it comes with smaller volume for household use, so you can also adapt this for environmentally friendly living in your daily life.

Grohe Essence Semi-pro Kitchen Faucet

Grohe understands that today’s cosmopolitan kitchen needs more than just the stainless steel faucets, thus they are introducing the Essence collection. It has an array of colourful semi-pro kitchen faucets – from yellow, orange, pink, purple, green to blue. The design has clean lines and cylindrical modern design with the new 28mm cartridge that allows for a sleeker, more refined body. Its technological innovation equals the aesthetics with extended comfort spout height, pull-out dual spray, and toggle function featuring seamless switching between spray and regular water flow.

Plymax Veneer

Veneer is furniture finishing made of polished tree bark. It can be applied to any flat surface. The natural-resourced element is often used in the interior for its natural colour and real-wooden texture. The veneer usually comes in tiles or slabs. Uniquely, the Malaysia-based Plymax Veneer arranges artworks on its veneers. With a wide collection of veneers, Plymax designed surfaces with multiple veneer patterns, to create geometric patterns or even collages.

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