Creating the New Generation of Workspace Design

Photography By Bagus Tri Laksono

As a British multinational alcoholic beverages company, Diageo understands that an office not only functions as a workspace for their team, but it is also a home away from home. This is a space that the team uses in half of their daily life, hence it needs to have a great balance between comfort and functionality in order to achieve the highest efficiency. Diageo Indonesia’s new workspace at South Quarter Tower definitely embraces this philosophy.

The office, located on the 17th floor, uses a workspace concept that is inspired by barrel design, and inside this “barrel” is where they invented an original blend between the company’s global guideline and Indonesian culture. It has a beautiful contemporary industrial look that separates the space into a few areas such as meeting rooms, a communal living area that is integrated with a gorgeous bar adorned with a series of barstools by Vivere, semi-private seating booths, an open working space, and an entertainment area featuring a foosball table and PlayStation for the working team to unwind.

The industrial look here is presented in an elegant way, softened by the usage of several wooden elements to give that warm feeling to the overall design. The grey blank canvas giving that contemporary industrial look is framed in black and is juxtaposed with wooden elements and warm light, resulting in a sophisticated overall design.

To bring the barrel concept alive, this workspace also incorporates various elements of Indonesian culture such as batik and ikat textiles visible on their furniture upholstery, which makes a great balance to the entire monochromatic environment. The batik motif is also applied in the form of glass stickers on several meeting rooms to create privacy. It is truly a well-designed workspace that blends several functional objectives from being a place to work, a meeting space, and a showcase area that profoundly carries the spirit of a home away from home.

This great concept was created by the renowned and seasoned global design firm of M Moser Associates, that was entrusted to execute this project for Diageo Indonesia. Having over 38 years of experience with various clientele from around the world, M Moser Associates believes that design can positively impact people’s well-being and productivity through work and life. The work that they did for Diageo Indonesia is not only innovative, but also transformative and follows the current trends of the new generation of workspace design.

With over 22 years of experience, Diageo is an international company that wants to be seen as a 21st-century company that respects the local culture of wherever they’re established. We believe that this message is very well communicated through the design of their new workspace.

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