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West Sumatran food — widely known as Padang food — is one of the most liked local cuisines in Indonesia. Restaurants serving this cuisine are ubiquitous and range from simpler settings to more deluxe ones. Pagi Sore, one of the leading upper brands, takes the West Sumatran culinary experience to the next level with its latest location and newly expanded menu. Piter Gan of PT Piter Gan Architect walks us through the restaurant’s magnificent design.

Located in the fast-developing Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta, Pagi Sore is competing with countless other restaurants in the area. Thanks to its architecture and interior that reflect West Sumatra’s local Minangnese culture, and to its wide selection of delicious and authentic dishes, Pagi Sore naturally stands out.

Minangnese houses have very iconic pointed roofs called gonjong, which resemble the bull horns mentioned in folklore. Together with the traditional woven cloth songket, it was this structure that inspired the façade of Pagi Sore. Granitone Texture, a company based in Surabaya, had made the designer’s vision into a realization.

Built on a 3,000 sqm land, Pagi Sore is divided into several zones, indoor and outdoor. The main building comprises one big area with long tables flanked by al-fresco dining areas. Lushness is key to the West Sumatran look, so the outdoor space has been thoughtfully lined with plenty of faux plants for that verdant look without the high maintenance. Anticipating Jakarta’s seasonal heavy rains, the area is partially covered with glass walls without blocking off air circulation.

Its layout may sound common to Padang restaurants, but it’s not without upgrades and details suitable for the Pagi Sore brand. The Jakarta-based designer has opted for high-quality marble tables, paired with wood pillars and panels, exposed concrete, and natural stone - a clever mix of materials that bring about a sense of place the architect is known for. To bring out the best of these materials and to enhance the ambiance, Pagi Sore lighting was designed by PT Galaxindo. The result is a well-lit restaurant with lighting that complements the dishes served.

The restaurant seats 400 people at 102 tables in total. Service is always busy during meal times. On weekends, patrons can expect to line up for a table. To accommodate such high traffic, building a favourable and comfortable ambiance that can support an efficient operation and good circulation was top of mind. The main seating area has a high ceiling painted dark blue at the centre to give it an illusion of an even loftier ceiling. An artwork of a school of fish hangs from the ceiling, hovering above a water fountain, all to foster an airy and spacious feel.

Out back, there’s another open area for smokers and those who prefer outdoor seating during this pandemic. The overall take of this area may be more laid-back, with a round-shaped roof, oval tables and curved seats, but it’s far from an afterthought. Piter has designed a pond with a fountain and more greeneries to not only continue the aesthetics from other parts of the restaurant, but to also help cool the hot days that Jakarta is notorious for.

At one corner of the main building is the newly developed PS Coffee. Seeing as the love of coffee and coffee shops in Indonesia has been on the rise, the coffee shop has become another special feature of the restaurant. Cakes and other desserts that normally pair well with coffee are also served here.

Dining at Pagi Sore PIK is truly something. It shows how tasty, authentic food, paired with a sense of place and great ambiance achieved through design and proper lighting can bring a well-rounded dining experience. It would not be an overstatement to say that Pagi Sore PIK is like a jewel whose different facets stand out among a sea of other gems. “We took into account every detail possible to strike the perfect balance between a traditional feel that gives you an authentic experience of West Sumatran culture, and contemporary functionality and comfort that’s necessary for a restaurant of Pagi Sore’s caliber,” Piter summarizes.

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