Djony Gouw: Building on the Land of Horses and Weaving

By vira

Djony Gouw boasts over a decade of experience in designing residential, commercial, institutional, and hospitality buildings through his own firm, Gouw Architects. He has expanded his consultancy services to include interior design and furniture design, blending modern styles with ethnic and traditional elements. Djony recently showcased his expertise in his latest completed project, the Sima Sumba Hotel. Here is an excerpt from Indonesia.

What was the brief from the hotel owner?

Hanny Salimun and her team made their request based on a feasibility study conducted by the hotel’s previous operator. The analysis encompassed recommendations regarding the optimal location of the land, including whether it should be within or outside the city, as well as considerations regarding air, land, and sea traffic, and the demand for hotel rooms and other facilities. Subsequently, my team and I were entrusted with the planning and design of the hotel’s architecture and interior.

Sima is blessed with a beautiful view all around it. How do you put that into advantage in the hotel design?

The hotel is located in a hilly area with an amazing view. We tried to incorporate a lot of openings on the façade to optimise the view of the landscape and the city. The hilly contour naturally helped us with the landscape design.

Please tell us about any traditional Sumba element that you incorporate into the design.

We discovered that weaving and horses are deeply ingrained in the lives of Sumba people. We tried to dig deeper and incorporate them in the interior design. a horse symbolises many things for the locals and we placed horse sculptures in three main spots: porte cochere, the lobby and the pool side. Meanwhile, the ikat weaving cloth is undetachable from their cultural events. Sumba’s ikat weaving cloth is very exotic with the use of natural dyes which are environmentally friendly.

Which part of the hotel that you are most satisfied with, and why?

The drop-off area and the lobby, as it boasts the one-of-a-kind concept of the horse statues on its axis. The backwall artwork that resembles the ikat weaving cloth also makes it unique and interesting.

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