Nuclear Powered Superyacht Called Earth 300


Measuring at 300-metre, this superyacht is longer than the Titanic by 31-metre. This superyacht is designed for oceanic research and act as a science city to save the world. Set to launch in 2025, the futuristic vessel will accomodate 160 scientists and 22 state-of-the-art laboratories with the intent to study climate change and its solutions.

International firm Iddes Yachts, led by naval architect Iván Salas Jefferson and Polish naval architecture firm 1 NED, designed it in a contemporary shape with a pared-down conceptual language with an aerodynamic form. Powered by nuclear energy, based on technology created a nuclear innovations company, Tetra Power.

It’s a first as quantum computing and a molten salt reactor have never been installed on a ship before. Essentially, the yacht will be built as a floating computer, costing a staggering $700 million to build. Other features include an observation deck that appears delicately balanced on the ship’s top,a 46-metre beam and a helicopter pad.

The yacht will also carry a selection of advanced underwater vehicles for underwater expeditions. Using robotics, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing, the boat features everything the very best scientists in the world would need for deep-sea exploration and climate change analysis.

Real time data processing will make sense of the data and will be open-source and shared with other climate scientists as part of its mission to "unite both science and exploration to take on some of the biggest challenges on Earth."

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