Eichholtz at Plaza Indonesia: Eclectic Glamour

Eichholtz at Plaza Indonesia: Eclectic Glamour


Story by Iman Hidajat | Photos by Merwin Adenan

The Netherlands furniture brand, EICHHOLTZ, was founded in 1992 with a focus on affordable luxury designed furniture, lightings, and accessories products with the total around 4,000 curated pieces. Indonesia’s renowned interior designer, Agam Riadi, the founder of Dimensi Living, has given EICHHOLTZ’s showroom at Plaza Indonesia a new look of modern glamorous décor, which will inspire EICHHOLTZ enthusiasts and attract other design lovers.

Living room setup with Inger sofa, Artemis coffee table and Verbier chandelier

In a conversation with Indonesia Design, Agam explained his longstanding relationship with the brand. “Since 2010, I have brought my clients to Maison & Objet in Paris and placed orders from Eichholtz. The brand character is parallel to my design style. It is like bringing together a classic style with tropical tones that are visually prominent and refreshing. I was a fan and used Eichholtz in almost all of my projects. So when Melandas brought the brand to Jakarta in 2018, Eichholtz principal mentioned my name as one of their patrons in Indonesia” he reminisced.

“We collaborate with Agam Riadi to re-design Eichholtz’s showroom in Plaza Indonesia because he has shown great passion for Eichholtz collections.” Diana Lim, director of Melandas explained. “And, actually even before 2018, Agam’s name was already registered at the Eichholtz centre in the Netherlands as one of the biggest clients from Indonesia,” Diana continued.

Entering the showroom, visitors can immediately feel a sense of awe and glamour. For Agam, the sense of amazement when entering an enclosed space is paramount. “I recall that the showroom used to be partitioned, like common furniture stores. So the approach I presented was that people can see the design concept right away and be able to visualise what they have in mind. For example, they see a living room set up, immediately, they know what they want to mix and match.”

Agam designed the showroom with the effect of social media in mind. Here's one of the Instagrammable spots in the showroom.

As a distinguished designer and part of ID12, Agam is known for his passion for exploring the wisdom of Asian design and culture. Space, the crucial element in Agam’s sphere of work, is rephrased elegantly with the modern and traditional styles.

The brief for Eichholtz showroom, as Agam shared “was to embrace a modern lifestyle whilst still inserting classic details that make the whole arrangement look elegant and sophisticated. Colours, such as emerald green and blue, are used as accentuations to bring a fresh and natural feel to the entire showroom area,” he continued. A typical expression of Eichholtz is presenting accessories in silver, brass, and antique gold colours. “That blended well with the chandeliers and wall lamps I had selected”.

Agam Riadi at Eichholtz showroom, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

Aware of the importance of social media, the showroom design is Instagram-able. “If you come to the showroom, there are several beautiful spots to serve as focal points, and when they take pictures, the products’ images can be seen as well,” he said. Representing the brand is only one aspect of a successful showroom. The collections featured also have to be appreciated and understood by visitors. “My priority is that the customers will also be interested in the collections”.

Diana concluded that in the hands of Agam, the impressive Eichholtz showroom will appeal to Indonesian consumers. “With the launch of the new Eichholtz showroom, we aim to show a functional layout relatable to modern housing in Indonesia.”

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