Elevate Bali: Off the Beaten Path Luxury Getaway

Elevate Bali: Off the Beaten Path Luxury Getaway


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Surrounded by eye-catching scenery of nature, Munduk in the central region of the Island of the Gods is home to Elevate Bali—an extraordinary retreat that boasts a revitalising climate and captivating natural beauty. With its enchanting allure, the resort entices you to embark on a voyage of discovery, revealing magnificent cascading waterfalls, sacred temples, and the exceptional ways to soothe the soul.

Heading to Elevate Bali from Ngurah Rai International Airport is a truly picturesque journey, with the breath- taking sight of mountainous and verdant landscapes, and Balinese architectural wonders along the way.

Upon arrival at Elevate Bali, you will instantly understand why it is named as such. The resort resides in the magnificent highlands of Munduk, a misty mountain village that boasts sweeping views of mist-covered mountains and lush jungles.

It’s a hidden gem of Bali, an off the beaten path village that reveals the island’s secrets: pristine waterfalls, twin lakes embraced by a rainforest-clad hill, an ancient floating Hindu temple, and majestic volcanic peaks. And the resort is set against an infinite horizon, where mesmerising sunsets blend into misty hues, transforming into a sky adorned withtwinklingstars.

Stepping foot into the resort, your eyes will be pampered by the lobby’s interior design. The harmonious blend of bamboo and wood creates a soothing ambiance. Moreover, the lobby is constructed in a way that creates the illusion of floating in water, with koi fish swimming around. A small bridge leads to a spacious outdoor area that offers a stunning view of the beautiful mountains. It’s a perfect venue to unwind.

Once you have completed the check-in process, the hotel staff will guide you towards the buggy drivers stationed outside the lobby. These drivers will escort you to your villa and assist in navigating the expansive 4.8-hectare property, allowing you to fully relish the lush green landscape and breath-taking views.

Captivating Design to Elevate Your stay

The resort boasts 26 sumptuous private villas that exude comfort and tranquillity. Upon stepping onto the wooden floors, guests are immediately invited to embrace a state of shoeless relaxation. The interiors showcase a blend of local fabrics and meticulously crafted furniture, integrating traditional elements with modern comfort such as Jacuzzi and a refreshing rain shower.

For an enhanced experience, consider upgrading to a deluxe room or a larger accommodation option. Both feature exclusive private heated pools, making them perfect for families or couples seeking utmost privacy and indulgence. Seize the opportunity to unwind and immerse yourself in the serenity of the surrounding jungle.

It’s also worth noting that Elevate Bali offers an exquisite venue for hosting wedding reception, with a naturally stunning setting and a plethora of wedding theme choices.

“Design plays a major role in the construction of the resort. We have seamlessly incorporated elements from Balinese cultural traditions and the natural surroundings into its fabric. This allows guests to escape the burdens of everyday life and immerse themselves in a distinct adventure,” explained Putu Agus Suradnyana, commonly known as Agus, the owner of the resort.

Agus further said that his architect, I Ketut Gede Arikumara, also known as Arik, has applied his savvy in the construction, which took two years to complete before the resort’s soft launch last year. “We are set for the grand launch soon. I’ll keep you updated.”

Arik’s contribution extends beyond the construction of Elevate Bali, including other properties I own, Agus asserted.

Eco-Friendly Retreat

This pristine resort embraces an eco- green approach, prioritising sustainability and exhibiting a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and the well- being of local communities. “Through the implementation of sustainable practices and operations, Elevate Bali aims to minimise its ecological footprint whilst ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the surrounding environment,”Agus said.

Adding to Agus’s assertion, Arik said, “The essence of traditional Balinese architecture is not limited to forms and materials, encompassing a broader vision. It incorporates elements such as the hierarchical zoning of the middle and lower sections, the concept of triangular structures representing the head, body, and legs, as well as environmental considerations like the notion of the teba, which refers to the back garden of a traditional Balinese dwelling.”

Arik further explained, “During the design process, the owner and I engaged in discussions to select specific materials, particularly leveraging the potential of the Singaraja area to imbue the structures with distinct characteristics. One such choice was ironwood, which was utilised and finished to evoke a warm and inviting ambiance.”

Culinary Delights

Indulge yourself in a delightful dining experience at Elevate Bali, with an innovative menu that showcases traditional Indonesian cuisine and western fare. One standout feature is the Clouds Kitchen Bar & Lounge, which takes you to culinary journey that elevates your senses to unparalleled heights. Each delectable dish entices the taste buds with the essence of Bali’s premium ingredients, flavours, and seasonal nuances. The live acoustic band performing popular songs of all time further enhances the enjoyable dining ambiance.

Furthermore, Elevate Bali also offers an array of options that range from lakeside picnics to opulent canoe lunches, serene floating boat breakfasts or lunches, and even enchanting fire pit BBQ nights.

Exciting Experience

Elevate Bali presents an extensive array of engaging activities for you to enjoy. Embark on a remarkable canoeing expedition at the serene Tamblingan Sacred Lake and discover a multitude of trekking and hiking paths waiting to be explored.

For enhanced relaxation, you can visit the award-winning Spa. This place offers a harmonious blend of traditional and modern architectural designs, creating an atmosphere of utmost comfort. Whilst you’re there, be sure to experience the Balinese traditional massage, renowned for its therapeutic benefits and widely associated with relaxation and stress relief. This massage not only provides physical relaxation but also promotes mental and spiritual rejuvenation.

All in all, the ambiance of Elevate Bali creates an exceptional setting for a memorable hospitality experience. “With unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, the resort offers a luxurious atmosphere that aims to ensure every guest enjoys an unforgettable stay,” Agus asserted, concluding the interview.

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