Eurotheum and German Living Culture

Eurotheum and German Living Culture


Indonesia Design District (IDD) at PIK 2 is a haven of design. Here, we discovered a newly opened gallery named Eurotheum, which offers sophisticated premium products to elevate your home and living spaces. Inside, they showcase the renowned kitchen solutions leader BLANCO and the innovative German brand Brennenstuhl. We stroll through the store with Santi Alaysius of Domisilium, the designer behind the store, and Andrew Hansel, the founder of Eurotheum.

STORY BY Barbara Hahijary | PHOTOS BY Leo Kusnadi

Walking through IDD exposes design diversity from both home and abroad. From the street view, it’s evident that Eurotheum’s architecture holds modern treasures within. The façade maintains a sleek and masculine appearance with streamlined wall and ceiling finishes, complemented by subtle lighting. The sense of luxury is evident here, as everything was crafted using slabs of marble and solid teak wood.

The exclusive ambiance reveals what Eurotheum has to offer an exceptional shopping experience featuring world-renowned premium brands. It serves as the ultimate destination for those seeking high-quality products with innovative designs. Eurotheum provides a diverse portfolio of products ranging from premium kitchen solutions and accessories to leading electronic solutions, focusing on bringing German products to boost Jakarta’s design landscape.

Upon entering, guests are greeted with a lighter ambiance, characterised by arched ivory-toned interiors, designed to enhance product visibility. “BLANCO, as a German product, is often associated with hypercool, hypermodern, stainless steel, and functional designs. In designing this showroom, we took a difference approach by having homey and a touch of classic design to contrast the products. We aimed to demonstrate how BLANCO can perfectly integrate into any interior scenes; from modern commercial spaces to homey residences, even traditional-inspired kitchens,” explained Santi Alaysius, one of the principal designers at Domisilium Studio.

BLANCO leads the way with its premium kitchen sinks, mixer taps, and complementary seamless solutions. The BLANCO UNIT, featuring a sophisticated seamless solid basin made of silgranit renowned for its durability, takes prominence. Paired with a wide colour range, shapes, and faucet utilities, the display showcases three vignette kitchens, demonstrating how products can be mixed and matched for personalised designs. As we admire its craftsmanship, another surprise awaits beneath the sink with BLANCO Food Waste Disposer (FWD) technology.

“BLANCO is dedicated to streamlining and enhancing the kitchen experience. The BLANCO FWD is a gesture of making everyday life easier by preventing clogs with minimal maintenance. This covers all water sequences in the kitchen, from fresh clean water to disposal,” said Andrew Hansel, the founder of Eurotheum.

The holistic kitchen water experience offered by BLANCO is complemented by Brennenstuhl, another German brand featured at Eurotheum. Brennenstuhl sets the benchmark for electronic products with its focus on safety, durability, energy efficiency, and sleek design. It presents a diverse range of innovative solutions, from durable and feature-rich Garant cable reels to LED lighting solutions.

The Brennenstuhl zone contrasts with BLANCO, drawing inspiration from old-fashioned European material shops. Warm finishes with accents of dark oak shelves evoke a sense of nostalgia.

The opening of Eurotheum marks a significant moment for the city’s design enthusiasts. A visit to the store allows architects, contractors, and design aficionados to discover a meticulously curated selection of solutions tailored to their precise requirements. With BLANCO, Brennenstuhl, and its commitment to creating an inspiring and immersive experience, Eurotheum is poised to become the go-to destination for those seeking exceptional quality and innovative design solutions.


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