Everything Showcased at iD's 15th Anniversary Party


The Elliptical Tunnel

Designed by Yohannes Mochtar for Synthetic Wall Panel (SWP)

Made of synthetic wood, the Elliptical Tunnel by SWP is termite-free, non-toxic, bendable without heat, and able to withstand extreme humidity. The material helps bring about a prominent 3D effect but without a complicated installation. SWP offers a wide variety of options to fit your aesthetics. This tunnel is jewelled with downlights from Spectra by Lelco.

Alur Lamp Collection

Designed by Budiman Ong of Ong Cen Kuang

This ethereal light series created with zippers is built on the concept of ‘broken-symmetry’. Its maker, Ong Cen Kuang handcrafts elegant lighting pieces with unexpected material choices. They have just launched the mini sizes of their Alur collection, enabling them to configure various installations by mixing different shapes and sizes to make a dynamic union. They consider it as a slight nod to Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity).

At the End of the Day

by Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo

Best known for his 2D resin artworks, Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo collected the left over resin and used it for creating new form, 3D objects. At the end of the day, it becomes a part of his creative cycle and he breathes a new artful meaning to the leftovers, so as to further enhance our mind and soul.

Business Lounge - an Exclusive Living Experience

By Vastuhome

Vastuhome created a special lounge area with a deep colour tone that featured the iconic knotted chair, a nice set of wooden tables along with a carbon chair from MOOOI and a leather sofa from Zanotta. The combination culminated into an elegant and luxurious lounge with a contemporary charm. Get inspired with Vastuhome – a modern furniture showroom in South Jakarta.

Giraffe Lamp and Emil the Cat

Designed by Dodi Mustafa of Jamooga

Education and eco-morality are the values that Jamooga tries to convey through their creations. The Giraffe Lamp is a children lamp while Emil the Cat is a fun toy. Both made of wood, these home decor items by Jamooga invite people to think about their love for animals.

Portabella Lounge Chair

Designed by Abie Abdillah for Vivere

Inspired by the Portabello mushroom by name and design, these petite yet quirky and modernistic lounge chairs are designed for comfort with a delicate mix of rattan and plush fabric. Despite its neutral greyish hues, its aesthetic curves ensure a calm and soothing feel to the chair. With its fashionability and efficiency in space and use, we can see why the chair won the “Good Design Indonesia” award in 2017. It was curated and manufactured by one of the biggest interior design giants in the country, Vivere.


Designed by Studio Dapur

Dulang is part of a collaboration with the artisans of Padakembang village in Tasikmalaya. No chemicals are used in the production process. In fact, Dulang is entirely handcrafted and ethically made (in addition to its eco-friendly quality). Studio Dapur also tops off their products with a non-toxic water-based coating in order to guarantee the health and safety of their clients.

Suka Tray

Designed by Studio Dapur

Deeply inspired by Indonesia’s cultural aesthetics, Studio Dapur makes handmade artisanal bamboo homeware with nuances of wood. As a social-enterprise-based design studio, Studio Dapur aims to bring simplistic bamboo materials back into the spotlight through everyday items like the tray, for example.

Kevala Ceramics Stoneware

Designed by Kevala Creative Team

Kevala creates ceramic stoneware usable for dining, interior and wellness experiences that are both utilitarian and decorative. This collection for one, was designed by their hotel interior decoration’s creative team. In Kevala’s words, “Our ceramics aim to enhance experiences, as our sense of giving and generosity is already ingrained in our DNA.”


Designed by T Kardin Pisau Indonesia

T Kardin Pisau Indonesia strives to craft custom military and tactical blades for public use, and embed them with Dayak and Javanese motives like the katana displayed here. The local enterprise also aims to promote the art of blades, from katanas to knives, as well as their functionality in our daily lives (such as cutting or self-defense).


Designed by T Kardin Pisau Indonesia

Kujang is a traditional weapon of the Sundanese people in West Java and Banten. The term “kujang” is derived from the words “kudi” (divine weapon) and “hyang” (godlike). With that translation, the kujang was believed to have the divine powers of healing the sick and driving enemies away. In the past, kujangs were only given to nobles and highly intelligent people.

Sheep Horn Watch

Designed by Groot Team, Concept by Nurasakastudio

Made from a material known to be as durable and hardy as its namesake, the Sheep Horn Watch is a very reliable timepiece. Apart from its material, this watch also carries a strong cultural value, being the creations of Indonesia’s highly skillful bone carvers and craftsmen.

Batik Babon Angrem Riningan

Designed by Nathaniel Wijaya of Levendig

This chair portrays a leader who wants to express their love for their people, country and culture through the batik motif from Solo named “Batik Babon Angrem Riningan”. The impressive masterpiece was entirely crafted by the hands of passionate artisans from all over Indonesia. As it was a massive collaboration project, it took months to gather all of the pieces.

Johnny Walker’s Blue & Gold Labels Limited Edition for IOS and ISA Art Advisory

Designed by Sinta Tantra

In commemoration of the Indonesia Opera Society (IOS)’s efforts and resilient working spirit, the IOS had collorated with British-based Balinese artist Sinta Tantra, to design their Blue Label Johnny Walker bottle, as the whiskey brand is a favourite of the group. The bottles portray musical notes and geometry as a nod to their musical background, and the bottles were named after Sinta’s art exhibition in Indonesia, which in turn was dedicated to her Balinese heritage. Sinta also collaborated with ISA Art Advisory to design Johnny Walker’s Gold Label bottle in conjunction with her first solo exhibition in Indonesia entitled “A House in Bali”.

Ephemeral Food

Design Concept by Giles Marx, Maitre Cuisinier de France (Master Chef of France) Langouste Puce, Seafood Bouillabaisse.

Indonesia archipelago seafood treasures, starring small (Puce) Lombok bamboo lobsters beautifully arranged in a contemporary gastronomic creation with AMUZ unforgettable French touch.

Objects of Curiosity

Designed by Daphne Zepos

A set of bejewelled carved-out decors and accessories inspired by a blend of antique carvings, semi-precious stones, Chinoiserie decors, metallurgy and the designs of Balinese craftsmen, “Objects of Curiosity” is certainly a spectacle. With many different variations and products in her collection, Daphne Zepos’ work intends to make the pieces feel both classic and reminiscent, as some of the objects are taken from furniture pieces dating back to the 16th and 17th century.

Panjai Lounge Chair with Rope

Designed by Sita Fitriana of Djalin

A homage to the dwindling Dayak culture, this modest chair takes its inspiration from the tribe’s iconic longhouses, known as “Rumah Panjai”. The chair is crafted with solid ductile iron with powder coating (representing the resilience and adaptability of the Dayaks) and synthetic cotton yarn-based rope (based on the Dayaks’ broad use of rope in many of their daily commodities, such as hammocks and bags).

PALA Cokelat Mini

Designed by Ilham Pinastiko & Slamet Riyadi of PALA Nusantara

PALA Nusantara was one of Indonesia’s first wooden watch designers. The exquisite PALA Cokelat Mini shows a chic combination of exotic wood and leather. PALA Nusantara’s products exclusively use locally sourced materials and the skills of talented craftsmen in the country, with the hopes of promoting the cultural richness of our Archipelago.

Aney Box

Designed by Petrus Aryanto Soedjarwo of Parri

The lavish Anney Box is exquisitely designed by PARRI, and is made out of exotic stingray skin with cow bone for the accent. Only available in a reddish pink hue, its colour stands out vividly as does its texture too. Flat and firm, this box can be used to your precious items in style.

Vase Series

Designed by Arya Pandjalu

One way to describe these quirky vases is that they are chic and smooth at the same time. Sculpted with the help of pot making machines, Sayap Studio’s latest series of refined clay art has taken the form of bird-like vases, creating a playful yet elegant concept. Through this concept, the studio aims to brighten up people’s houses.

Guinness’ ONE INDONESIA Limited Edition

Designed by Darbotz and Ykha Amelz

As part of their 2018 collaboration campaign “Together We Are More”, Guinness commissioned a special edition for the Indonesian market, with the help of a couple of creative minds, namely graffiti artists Darbotz and Ykha Amelz. Drawing inspiration from Panca Mahabhuta and Indonesia’s national motto of Unity and Diversity, the limited-edition cans feature a colourful and vibrant batik motive that represented the nation’s cultural and ethnic diversity.

Dapur Babah Elite’s Chinese Peranakan Lunar New Year Dinner

Designed by Tugu Restaurants Group Jakarta

In the Chinese Peranakan community in Jakarta’s Glodok area, the Chinese New Year (or Cap Go Meh) is usually celebrated with a wide array of festivities and food. Due to modernisation however, the practise is currently losing popularity and is therefore dying. To preserve the long forgotten tradition, Tugu Restaurants Group has made this exhibition in commemoration of their rituals; showcasing the icons, colours, and objects that were significant to the celebration.

Alita Chair

Designed by Hans Susantio of Poros Living

Poros Living primarily focuses on making contemporary modern tropical designs for houseware products. The rattan-woven Alita Chair resonates with Indonesia’s artisanal heritage, while its fabric is proved to be exclusive to the tropics. The chair’s sleek and ergonomic curves highlight its contemporary identity.

Myrun Technogym

By Dyna Force

Myrun Technogym is designed to offer you the ultimate running experience, personalised training programmes and running technique feedback. This is the first running solution that integrates a treadmill and a native app that syncs to your tablet to help improve the way you run forever. Myrun Technogym won the 2015 RedDot Award.

Element of Na’vi River from Pandora’s World of Avatar’s Disney

By Viro (PT Polymindo Permata)

Viro has collaborated with Walt Disney’s engineering team to build Pandora - The World of Avatar setting. The decoration element is a part of thousands of elements produced by VIRO, an Indonesian-origin company that produces eco faux; a non-natural ingredients with High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) and the combination of natural and natural mineral ingredients. Made from eco-faux material that is hand woven by native Indonesian weavers, the decoration element for the Pandora forest setting of Disney Avatar film adorns the area of 4.7 hectares in Disneyland, Florida.

Faceless by Arti Gidwani

Designed by Arti Gidwani

Arti invites you to ponder the encapsulated facelessness inherent in the people and relationships you see. Perhaps we can collectively imagine a utopia where people meet and interact which can linger a bit longer in our individual minds. How much additional conscious effort will that entail from each of us? But surely that transition would make our future world a lot more personal, homely and happier. Dimension: 160cm x 80cm using glazed stoneware supported by iron.

120th Gold Limited Edition Beds

by King Koil

For their 120th anniversary last year, King Koil released a “120th Gold Limited Edition”. Each bed was crafted with exclusive leather and luxurious gold and black jacquard, limited to just 250 beds. Asides from the velvety exterior, the bed is also equipped with an exclusive “Gold Series” coil for extra support, and a specially designed “Talalay Embrace” mattress for the ultimate sleeping experience


Designed by Oka Diputra

It is Oka DIputra’s way of expressing his alienated and disconnected feeling whenever he is back in Bali after extended travelling.

HÅG Capisco Puls


HÅLLNING’s main ethos since its establishment is to design ergonomically and practically with an in-depth understanding of the body and our need for constant motion. The HÅG Capisco Puls’ seat has integrated cushion for improved comfort and is adjustable between low and high working positions, all the way up to a standing position, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements while still sitting in a balanced position.

Ayam Magnum Decanter

by Riedel

Formed freely by hand without the help of any molds by RIEDEL master glass blowers, the decanter is extremely demanding to create, with a wide mouth for both receiving and pouring wine opening into a wider base to allow the free flow of air to react with the wine. True to RIEDEL’s guiding philosophy of form follows function, the piece therefore optimises space while still efficiently double decanting when wine is poured into and from the decanter, greatly reducing the time needed to aerate the wine.

Backpack Napoleon Green

Designed by Taylor Fine Goods Indonesia (TFG)

Urban by design and simple by concept; Backpack Napoleon Green military-esque and waterproof dark green bag that is influenced by vintage elements.

SAYA Office Chair

Designed by Bayu Edward of Asanka Studio

SAYA is an office chair created from rattan and aluminium that was inspired by and made for people who are deeply committed to pursuing their passions. The office chair represents an optimistic message, along with the values of enthusiasm, gratefulness and dedication. With this mindset, they’re also proclaiming that “this is ME”, or in Indonesian: “ini SAYA”.

Suki & Eco Ego

Designed by Sukma Suki

Suki’s down-to-earth sophistication is the product of a passionate commitment to quality and style. The use of natural materials with a focus on detail is what makes each design unique. Each pair of Suki sunglasses is nurtured with the utmost love and passion from conception through to production. Suki only uses sustainably grown materials and is committed to environmentally conscious and socially responsible methods of production.

Sampul, Sampur & Sangkut

Designed by Noesa

For the love of Ikat weaving, Noesa incorporates this national heritage into small goods, so that it can be worn and carried in everyday life. Shown here are the Sampul passport holder, Sampur bag strap & Sangkut camera strap. These objects are made of natural dye Ikat weaving from Sikka, Maumere with a combination of vegetable tan leather and brass buckles.


Designed by Nancy Go of Bagteria

This vintage-inspired bag by Bagteria has a sterling silver frame and is embellished with semi-precious stones, silver tassels, petite Japanese glass beads, fringes and sequins for a dramatic effect.

Keranjang Kupu-Kupu Subeng

by Tulola Jewelry

Inspired by the beautiful flower baskets woven from bamboo with resting wild butterflies, Keranjang Kupu-Kupu Subeng is one of Tulola Jewelry’s finest collections. Nature-themed “Keranjang Kupu-Kupu Subeng” aims to deliver utmost aesthetics with fine quality, through the inspiration of rice, subak, water, and its surrounding/similar natural elements.

Mother of Universe

Designed by Rinaldy Yunardi

Inspired by mother nature, 2017 World of Wearable Art winner Rinaldy Yunardi designed this armour-like jewellery. The form depicts how mother nature protects and nurtures the universe like a warrior, while its feminine figure expresses the peacefulness and fertility. Its first public viewing was in Rinaldy’s solo exhibition in 2017. It is made of metal with copper coloured finish, crystals and feather.

Christmas Deer

By Homeware International Indonesia

Christmas is a moment of joy celebrated all over the world. For this very special time, people decorate their house in a Christmas theme. As tastes become more contemporary, hence the decor won’t be merely red and green. Homeware International Indonesia designed this Chrismas deer, made of hand-polished natural stone from Ratu Boko and Gunung Ijo Mountain and combines it with selected pine wood.

Arjuna and Srikandi

Designed by Gunjiar of Wayang Batik Krebet

While batik is best known for its application on fabrics, Gunjiar and his fellow artisans in Krebet Village, Yogyakarta have been applying batik on wood since the 1980s. Like fabric batik products, Gunjiar’s creations also adapt characters from ancient stories, such as Mahabharata, depicted in these two characters Arjuna and Srikandi. The products include wayang, masks, bookmarks, key chains and other home ornaments.


By Zenith Design “Dare To Be Different”

Corinthian pillars were used for important buildings such as temples and palaces. As time went by, people adapted the pillars in many kinds of architecture works, like commercial buildings or private residences. The size and distance between the pillars are adjusted according to the size of the building to achieve the right proportion.

The Great Hall at St. Regis Jakarta

by Alexandra Champalimaud from Champalimaud Design

The Great Hall is a grand three-storey space at the heart of the St. Regis Jakarta. Inspired by the performative and emotional aspects of music, the space is meant to bridge worlds through sensory and social engagement, with interactive lighting sculptures and food and beverage offerings. The Great Hall will also be a study of the material exuberance of the country, offering inspiration in the beauty and forms of Indonesian patterns and symbols.

Monggo Chocolate

By Thierry Detournay

As the world’s third-largest cacao producer, there’s no doubt that we have enough chocolate for our own consumption. Unfortunately though, cacao is largely unused by produces here, especially since we consume high amounts of imported chocolate. A Yogyakarta-based Belgian chocolatier Thierry Detournay aimed to turn this around by starting his own company “Monggo Chocolate”. Thierry makes world-class quality chocolate from Indonesia’s very own supply on cacao that’s rich and flavourful.

Indonesia Design Front Cover Chocolate Hall of Fame

by Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

To celebrate the 15-year journey of Indonesia Design where we constructed a cake ensemble made of legendary dark chocolate couverture, strawberry crispy, chocolate pearl, with almond & croquant.

TWG Tea Accessories

By TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

Elegant tea tins, hand-blown glass, porcelain, stoneware, cast iron teapots, and fine bone chinaware of all sorts can be found in TWG Tea Accessories Collection. The translucence of gold-inflected crystal prism and the lustre of silver, platinum and gold all lend their defining attributes to one-of-a-kind TWG Tea accessories that delight the eye, enliven the taste buds, will certainly appeal to modern tea drinkers in their adaptation of tradition to the contemporary tea table.

Uluwatu Lace

Designed by Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace

A vivacious blend of a silky ivory-tinted top and a basic yet sophisticated skirt that are based on a Balinese motif, the set is sprinkled with intricate lace embroidery to enhance the look.

The two-piece set was made by Uluwatu’s designers to represent elegance, modesty, class and femininity at the same time.


By Dowa Bag

Inspired by a beautiful twilight that carries a red tinge and makes each leaf and flower blend with the beauty of the horizon, Kinanti is made of knitted nylon yarn combined with cowhide and high-quality materials.

A House in Grey

Sketched by Rudy Kelana

Despite his signature terracotta and monochromatic brown colour scheme, Rudy Kelana designed a house in a greyish tone. His drawing shows the serene ambiance and reflections from the house and the relationship between the structure and the landscape. This drawing was done with pencil, drawing pen and a grey Copic marker.

Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

Designed by Muhammad Ichsan for Atlas Pearls

Atlas Pearls held a jewellery design competition in cooperation with Indonesia Design. It was won by an architect who was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, and the golden ratio that he often finds in architectural work and nature. It can also be found in the shape of an ear. Ichsan created earcuffs using semi-round South Sea pearls. Each set uses six pieces of pearls with 18k yellow gold finish.


by Priscilla Kayo

A two-metre high chair with purple orchid,baby esther, baby breath & foliage adorned with a wooden stool & tea light candle holders hand crafted with metal leaf finishing technique.

Mahameru Concrete Tile Expose Concrete

Designed by Patricia Dommasca of Expose Concrete

Expose Concrete has long been attempting to utilise concrete not only in industrial work, but as an aesthetic/artsy material that can be marketed to Indonesian households. With products like “Mahameru Concrete Tile”, the company strives to create decorative amenities with concrete as its medium. In the case of this product, its versatile looks make it perfect for all kinds of settings, whether that be commercial, retail, hospitality or residence.

Living Room

Sketched by Erwin Hawawinata

The living room is often considered as the heart of the home where family members gather. This is why architect Erwin Hawawinata pays special attention when designing a client’s living room. The architect, well-known for his classic design, excels in freehand drawing. His detailed drawings helps him develop his design from sketch to reality.

International ArtSwitch


One of the biggest electrical accessories companies in Indonesia, AGN expresses their appreciation to art by collaborating with 208 artists from across 30 countries. They have turned switches into art according to their personal styles. These switches were first exhibited in Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta in 2017.

Syailendra Clutch

Designed by Aulia R. Rusdi of Lungsin

Lungsin showcases a collection of handheld purses as well as other lady’s bags and accessories, all lady’sbearing a weaving of Songket, one of the nation’s celebrated textiles. The material is a national heritage with hefty cultural significance and the inherent expectation for a worthy end result. One of its finest examples is the Syailendra Clutch, made with elaphe snake skin and Songket Palembang.


By Salto

Salto’s minimalist Ælement RFID lock allows the integration of all physical security needs in an energy efficient and easy-to-manage system. It is an evolution in hotel lock engineering with sleek reader accentuated by an interactive light ring that illuminates when access credentials are presented, providing a minimalist design that blends with any hotel decor.

Achieve the Impossible and Flying Free

by Nady Azhry

Nady Azhry draws a flying fish with scattered colours, expressing the notion of “together we can achieve the impossible”. Mixed media, 55x55 cm, 2014

Iwan Tirta Private Collection for Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary

Designed by Era Soekamto

To celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, Iwan Tirta Private Collection unveiled a special local batik art inspired by the Disney icon. On a handmade batik fabric, Mickey’s timeless charm and fun character meets the elegant Garuda Serakit pattern, which conveys a symbol of sovereignty and independency. Each set of the Garuda Serakit pattern consists of 90 strands of the Garuda bird’s tail and wings, combined with nine illustrations of Hidden Mickey. In iD’s 15th Anniversary party, we displayed a framed batik pattern from this collection along with a sofa, a side table and a jewellery box from Iwan Tirta Home’s “Regalia” collection


Designed by Dody Andri

Yogyakarta-based wooden product brand RUAYA started with speakers and watches before announcing its bags and clutches collection. RUAYA bags are made for those with a penchant for unique products with great functionality and contemporary aesthetics. To reduce their environmental footprint, RUAYA uses leftover wood from production and transform them into small souvenirs and gifts.

Bronze Tray with engraved motifs circa 9th Century from Central Java

Javanese Antique Talam from The Suharnoko’s collection

Priests used large bronze trays to hold their ritual requisites or offerings. The Central Javanese trays, or talams (previously known as tahas) have either an upright or widening rim with a decorated centre. A favourite motif is the Sangkha or conch-shell, an auspicious symbol often seen in Central Javanese temples.

Alisa Basket with Wooden Leg, Blue Splatter Pitcher and Yupa Cake Stand

By Cayenne

Cayenne is a home decor store with contemporary products that are rooted in Indonesian heritage. Examples of these products include Alisa Basket with Wooden Leg, a woven basket made of plastic and grade-A mahogany that can be used for storage or as a plant pot cover; Blue Splatter Pitcher, part of a ceramic set inspired by the blirik motif that can be found in antique tableware; and Yupa Cake Stand, handmade from teak wood and recycled glass waste.

Flawed Paradigm

Designed by Michelle Alphonsa

We tend to believe that our body shape heavily restricts the types of clothing that would look appealing on us. Michelle’s goal is to shatter these outdated perceptions by focusing on how fashion is able to complement someone’s body. The designer believes that fashion is a form of art that can bring out the best versions of someone and present that to the world.


by PT Sari Keramindo with sketches by Sudarman Angir & LK Bing

When we produces our “Surabaya” edition, we realised that the city has many things to offer, thus we decided to feature two covers in one edition for the first time. With the rise of urban sketching in the country, we invited senior designers Sudarman Angir and LK Bing to sketch different corners of Surabaya. The covers then turned into cheese platters by PT Sari Keramindo, which were the souvenir of our “Surabaya” edition launch event in 2016.

The Habit

by Mohammad Taufiq (Emte)

Interested in capturing the atmosphere and mood of a scene whether private or public, Emte’s most recent work conveys those everyday moments missed in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Exploring domestic spaces, familiar scenes, and yet the most fascinating is the daily rituals of life that are referred to in these works. Things and spaces between people are discussed by their absence, while the subjects of the scene are no longer present. This gives meaning to the mundane existence, referencing both the hurried pace of life and our preference of other activities. With such scenes, we see the remnants of meals shared and time well spent. Water colour on paper, 57 x 77 cm.

Foliage #2

Designed by KAR

Foliage #2 is an interpretation of mother nature’s beauty that is translated into a series of porcelain jewellery. Natural beauty and delicacy is visualised in the organic shapes found in nature, which is perfectly achieved with ceramic. The series has been crafted for semi-formal and formal occasions in broken white coloured ceramic with a hint of gold. Each flower is modelled and painted by hand, one petal at a time, hence making the pieces heart-warming and feeding our desire for handmade objects in today’s digital era.

2013 Indonesia Design Award

Designed by Pintor Sirait

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary, we held our first Indonesia Design Award in Bali, with a trophy designed by notable Bali-based artist Pintor Sirait. It was made with colorful metal, which exhibits Pintor’s signature. It was inspired by Santi Rivai’s design for the cover of our 10th Anniversary edition.

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