Evonil Architecture Recognised for Baramulti Group Fitness Center

Bapak Santa, Lixil Water Technology and Willy Sulwyn, Evonil Architect

Award-winning Indonesian architecture and interior design practice Evonil Architecture is the award winner for Leisure Interior at the Asia Pacific International Property Awards (APAC) 2020 for Baramulti Group Fitness Center.

The new and younger second generation of the Baramulti Group’s management strived to energise the millennial staff by building an internal fitness centre to encourage a wellness culture in the company.

With Willy Sulwyn as the principal architect, the team at Evonil drew their design inspiration from the historical value of Baramulti Group from 1988 and weaved it with the new and younger energy of the company. Besides coal and trading, the company has a portfolio of several other businesses and each with distinctive logos from their inception.

“We decided to use a hierarchical timeline and incorporated the past logo colours as design ambience throughout the centre. With the first company’s logo colour blue used on the first floor’s as a foundation, we proceeded with the colour green on the second floor, with red on the third and orange on the fourth floor to represent the youngest and the company’s latest portfolio; so they will keep rising above and beyond their foundation,” explained Willy.

This is Evonil's second award of the same category at Asia Pacific Property Award. Evonil has a distinguished portfolio of private and corporate clients.

Held at Plataran Hutan Kota Restaurant in Jakarta in December 2020, Asia Pacific International Property Awards celebrate the highest level of achievement by companies operating in property and real estate, and International Property Award is a world-renowned mark of excellence.

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