Exploring Workplace Experiences through MillerKnoll’s Perspective - An Interview with Awdhesh Verma


Awdhesh Verma holds the position of area vice president for South Asia, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa at MillerKnoll. With expertise in strategic planning, business development, and marketing strategy, Verma’s leadership role is indeed pivotal in the company.

What country is MillerKnoll’s biggest market in your managed region? How about in South East Asia?
The Middle East is our largest market, particularly in Saudi Arabia where remarkable growth spans across Commercial and Healthcare sectors. We have also been focusing on expanding our footprint in Africa. Currently, Singapore leads as the biggest market for MillerKnoll in South East Asia.

How do you plan to elevate Indonesia as a lucrative market for MillerKnoll?
Indonesia holds a significant position in Southeast Asia’s growing markets. Boasting the largest population in the region, coupled with a youthful demographic, the country has the potential to attract foreign companies to invest and set up businesses. Indeed, Indonesia is one of the first few markets we have chosen to start the MillerKnoll integration program with our dealers.

How do you market the high-end modern ergonomic designs for those who don’t appreciate them?
It begins with our network of dealers, whose understanding of customer goals and challenges can lead to designing a solution that supports the body, fits the customer’s culture, and uses furniture to its full potential. Our seasoned dealer teams, project managers, and installation professionals will take care of every detail to ensure the design, specification, financing, delivery, and installation are smooth, on time, and budget.

What strategies do you employ to market high-end modern ergonomic designs?
Our approach begins with our network of dealers capable of comprehending customer objectives and challenges. This understanding helps in crafting solutions that align with the customers’ need, especially in the context of optimising furniture functionality. Our proficient dealer teams, project managers, and installation professionals handle all the aspects, from design to financing and delivery, ensuring smooth execution within timelines and budgets.

Our service continues with our sales managers, as well as experts in physical, social, and cognitive ergonomics. They understand how to address all aspects of ergonomic wellness and productivity. By applying the science of ergonomics to work habits and workstation design, we can help customers reduce risk factors whilst increasing employee health, comfort and productivity.

Which of your brands or product types do you foresee excelling in Indonesia, and why?

We count on the success of Herman Miller and Knoll furniture ranges in Indonesia. Task seating from Herman Miller, Herman Miller classics, collection furniture, and Knoll Studio are expected to resonate strongly in the Indonesian market. Their firm and iconic designs are popular amongst Indonesian customers.

Could you share what’s on the horizon for the future of RIFYO with MillerKnoll?
Rifyo has been selected as one of the two dealers in South East Asia to spearhead the MillerKnoll Integration program. Moving forward, they will include the critical brands of products from MillerKnoll, such as Herman Miller, Knoll, Muuto, Colebrook Bosson and Saunders, Naughtone, Geiger, and Nemschoff in the Indonesian market.

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