Feng shui and the Fire Rooster


Many people think that the Year of the Fire Rooster will start on the first day of imlek, or the Chinese New Year, which was observed this year on Jan. 28. However, this is not the case. Imlek is calculated based on the lunar Chinese calendar, while those studying feng shui and the Chinese zodiac make their calculations based on the solar Chinese calendar.

Story by Sidhi Wiguna Teh

Therefore, a baby born on Jan. 29 was not born under the zodiac of the rooster. Rather, that baby would be considered under the influence of the Year of the Monkey, even though the Chinese New Year celebration has passed. The shift from the Year of the Monkey to the Year of the Rooster will occur on Feb. 3 at 11:35 p.m. Only babies born after that time will belong to the Year of the Rooster.

In 2017, we are entering the Year of Ding You, more commonly known as the Year of the Fire Rooster. Ding is a heavenly stem with a yin fire as its element, while You is the 10th earth branch with a yin metal element. This particular You is the one we know as the rooster zodiac.

After establishing when the Year of the Rooster begins, let’s see about the qi for 2017 in terms of the eight directions of the compass. This year, the ruling qi is the No. 1 star, which represents wisdom, bringing a more amiable mood for the year–although there will still be a clash between the heavenly stem and the earth branch.

Let’s start first with the bad. The worst sector can be found in the south, where the 5th star appears, symbolising the obstacle star. Should the main door of your house face south or if you face south as you sleep and work, then you must be extra careful in making decisions this year and when you travel. You need to apply the check and recheck method so that unwanted occurrences can be avoided. One feng shui tip that might be useful is to place a decorative ornament made of metal on the side of the door, at the headboard of your bed or by your working station. This metal element will work to weaken the 5th star, which has an earth element.

Another bad sector is the west, where we can find the emergence of the No. 3 star, which encourages fights. If you find that the main door of your house, the headboard of your bed or your work desk face west, then you should hold yourself back in order not to give in to your emotions and start unnecessary quarrels. In addition to the qi of fights, the west also houses other negative sources of qi: The Grand Duke of Jupiter (Tai Shui) and the five tigers (woo hu). Therefore we must avoid doing construction in this direction to prevent unfavourable incidents, such as work-related injuries or loss of money.

The next is the southwest, with its star No. 7 that brings along the negative effect of escalating break-ins, robberies and other legal problems. People with their main doors, headboards or desks facing this direction are advised to be extremely careful to prevent unwanted incidents. Install more security measures, such as CCTV or alarms to anticipate crime. Check documents related to legal matters so that you will be able to avoid getting embroiled in legal problems in the future.

Then there is the northwest, with the No. 2 star, which is also known as the sickness star. Obviously this star brings with it a negative effect that is related to a decrease in the immune system for occupants of houses with their main doors facing northwest. In order to ward off illnesses from your doorstep, it is advisable that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, get enough rest and consume any needed health supplements.

Now let’s talk about the directions that will bring good effects. In 2017, the northeast hosts the No. 4 star, which governs romance and academia, meaning that residents of houses with doors facing the northeast will enjoy a great love life. Single people can entertain the hope of finding partners while those at school can expect to see their academic achievement right on track. Star No. 6 will appear in the north, bringing with it the positive effect of great charisma and creativity. Occupants of houses that face that direction will enjoy respect from people in their surroundings. Meanwhile, the east can be considered the best direction of the year, as it will be visited by star No. 8, which generates a positive effect for finance and career. Therefore, for those of you with main doors, headboards and desks facing the east, it is recommended that you make use of the chance. However, for those facing the 2nd sector of the east, be wary of two negative qi housed there: The “year breaker” and the “three killings,” it is wise not to do any construction in this sector in 2017.

The last direction is the southeast, with its No. 9 star, which will have a positive effect in terms of lucrative business offers. Those of you with doors facing this direction should be selective in choosing offers coming your way. Choose works suitable for your competence, with systems you know well.

Happy Chinese New Year! Xin nien guai le!

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