WB House: Finding Comfort in Luxury

WB House: Finding Comfort in Luxury

By vira

A sunlit, expansive and inviting residence in North Jakarta was built to accommodate a young family of four. Designed by Jakarta-based Studio DeZign, this four-storey house embodies the fruitful collaboration between the designer and the homeowner. Indonesia Design had the opportunity to converse with T. Mariza, the co-founder and principal architect of the studio, about the remarkable work achieved in this home.

Story by Vira Tanka
Photos by Wilson Christian Cendana & Bagus Tri Laksono

The Zen fountain pond

Ascending the marble stairs from the carport to the terrace, visitors are greeted by a pond adorned with a fountain stone sculpture. The tranquil murmuring of water imbues a sense of Zen, seamlessly transitioning guests from the bustling Jakarta traffic to the tranquillity of a home. Inside the foyer, a lazy chair sits by the corrugated glass front, allowing a sight to the terrace and the trees outside. A Saniharto console table is placed against a blue veneer wood panel. “We chose the colour as an accent, to have something eye-catching for anyone who just walks in,” Mariza says.

The foyer adorned with eye-catching details especially of the glass front
The eye-catching blue accent in the foyer

From the foyer, a grey patterned marbled floor that looks like crooked lines direct you to walk inward to the living area. The predominant colour transitions to beige with colourful accents on the sofa cushions, an ochre armchair, a black baby grand piano and other dark-coloured furniture. Another striking Saniharto piece, an emerald green wine console, stands by the skylight void. Above the living room hangs a beautiful leaf-shaped Murano glass chandelier, whilst a glass-roofed patio on one side houses a vertical garden, infusing a natural ambiance into the space.

Combining modern and classic

Originally envisioned in a modern layout, the owners redirected their design aspirations upon encountering Studio DeZign’s portfolio, opting for an modern classic style. “We joined the project midway through its progression. However, due to discrepancies in the house plan, we couldn’t fully adopt the classic style. Thus, we amalgamated elements, incorporating the modern style as the owners also favoured it, resulting in a modern classic home,” Mariza, having 35 years of interior design expertise, explained.

Dining room with a Japanese dry garden in the background
The pantry next to the dining area

In order to make the design work, they needed to revise the floor plan a little bit. That’s where architect Gunawan Susantyo, Mariza’s partner in life and in Studio DeZign, took a role. She also suggested to add a few voids. The one behind the dining area is turned into a dry garden with Japanese style. She stated the reason, “An enjoyable interior is not merely a big and spacious room, but we also need to invite nature in. That makes it feel homey in addition to getting an abundance of sun light and wind flowing into the house.” The other void is added beside the lift, which channels the light into the playroom and service area in the basement.

The son’s room designed in modern style
Cantilever window in the daughter’s bedroom

The mezzanine on the second floor is where well-appointed bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms are located. These personal spaces are designed in different styles, representing the preferences and characters of the occupants. The master bedroom is the only room in the house with American classic style. The bedroom and wardrobe area are predominantly white, whilst the bathroom is set in darker tone with black and white tiles in geometric pattern. A bit of classic style also influences the daughter’s bedroom and a total modern and simple style for the son’s bedroom.

The master bathroom looks out to the bedroom
The master bathroom

Initially, the rooftop was only going to be a service area that doesn’t get visited a lot. Mariza suggested a brilliant idea to add more functions to it. People are sometimes reluctant to have so many storeys because taking the stairs to get to the top can be tiring. But it shouldn’t be a problem with a lift in the house. So finally, they turn the rooftop into a home office with a gym corner and casual seating area in it, and still leaving a multifunctional open space. A gazebo in a corner is a perfect spot to unwind and relish the city lights when night falls.

The play room in the basement

Project Data

Location: Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Owner: WB

Land Area: 360 sqm

Floor Area: 875 sqm

Architecture & Interior Design Consultant: Studio Dezign

Principal Designer: Tjong Mariza

Lighting Consultant: Lecsicon Lumen Kreasi

Landscape Consultant: Atelier Lifescape

M&E Contractor & Main Contractor: PT Bangun Bumi Megatama Mandiri

Interior Contractor :Studio Dezign

Started Construction: 2020

Completed Construction: 2023

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