A Furniture Collection for the Heart

Photography By Saniharto

After the succesful launch of the Tresna collection four years ago, Saniharto has collaborated once again with designer Francine Denise to create the Alice Collection, a series of furniture pieces that are sure to stand the test of time.

In the early 20thcentury, the kissing lock closure was a popular feature in purses worn by women all over the world. It usually comprises of two metal beads set in the middle of a metal frame that supports the bag’s fabric. It is still used today on more elegant styles of handbags and is mostly incorporated by high-end fashion designers. This classic fashion staple was the main inspiration for Francine’s collection with renowned Indonesian furniture brand, Saniharto.

With the entire concept being about simple, timeless elegance, the Alice collection was named after Francine’s grandmother, Alice Wenas. She is a modern-traditional woman who taught Francine about the important values of family, and Amah’s pure elegance inspired many elements in her collection. The colours are mostly simple and muted such as white, black and grey, designed to be fitting additions to any existing furniture item. The statement pieces, the Kasih and Peluk dining chairs are meant to brighten up a space with their calming blue tones.

The collection consists of dining, living, and bedroom pieces in different shapes and finishes, designed to fit numerous styles of homes. The kissing lock closure can be seen on the tables and cabinets in the collection, adding a touch of femininity in a classic way and depicting the notion of this fashion piece’s timeless functionality. The different gold and rose gold metals used in the pieces allow for both masculine and feminine styles to find suitable items. For example, the black and gold Sejati pedestal will easily fit a bachelor pad while the grey and rose gold Manis pedestal will beautifully accent a more feminine household.

Each piece in the collection is named after terms of endearment and actions of love in Bahasa Indonesia, often used by Amah to her family. Some of the names connect to each other to form certain phrases such as “Aku cinta kamu” which means “I love you” or “Mereka suka peluk” which means “They like hugs”, all used as words of affection. Certainly a beautiful way of showing love and telling a wonderful story.

This collection proves just how unique and intricate Indonesian-made furniture pieces are, and the notion that foreign products are better is something that Saniharto would like to break. The Alice collection’s craftsmanship and elegant storytelling depicts a certain standard that should be appreciated, and this collaboration with Francine is sure to make a lasting impression.

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