In a modern house setting, a kitchen is often more than just a room to cook. It is also a sociable place, where you prepare a dinner party. In a more casual setting, it can also be where friends or family dine and catch up on daily updates. While storages and isles are sometimes a focal part of the kitchen, something to not overlook is the appliances, where the cooking actually takes place. An appliance that is often hidden but holds an important role in making a comfortable cooking experience is the range hood. It is above the stove but not talked about as nearly often as the other appliances. Fotile is about to change that with their latest range hood product.

With their headquarter in Ningbo, China, and research and development team spread in Ningbo, Osaka and Dusseldorf, Fotile is answering the needs of kitchen users across the globe. In their third decade of manufacturing and developing high-end kitchen electric products, Fotile is successfully penetrating the Indonesian market. Among the products that have been marketed here are range hood, planting stove, planting oven, planting microwave oven, and sink dishwasher.

Late in March 2022, Fotile launched its latest product, the AMG9007-i range hood. Always holding to the concept of adhering to innovative technology and climbing the new peak of kitchen appliance technology, they prove that it’s not just a concept but a reality. The AMG9007-i adopted the aerodynamic design and technology.

The technology allows the range hood to be in very close distance to the stove at only 335mm from the saucepan or whatever one uses for cooking. The second smoke emerges, it is extracted by the super slim range hood that’s attached to the wall behind the stove. Normally range hoods are hanging right above the stove, making it impossible to hang so low and close to the smoke source because head bumps would happen. This one, supported by a flat plat that roofs above the stove, extracts the smoke from the rear and tunnels it up. Then the smoke is impelled by the motor, to then be discarded out of the system. Range hood AMG9007-i uses the BLDC Motor, a very powerful aero engine. The extracting ability is very high, up to 1390 m3/h with adjustable speed, and the static pressure is maximum at 990Pa.

Another new innovation used by range hood AMG9007-i is the smart air diverter. It is the ability of the range hood to focus its extracting power to both of the machine caps or either one of them, depending on where the smoke is concentrated. By tapping on the touch-screen controls, you can set which side of the range hood should extract stronger than the other, with extraction ratio of 7:3. Mesy, Product Trainer of Fotile Indonesia, stated, “This is Fotile’s AMG9007-i range hood’s unique selling proposition. No other product has this ability by far.” It is also a very good news to the environment because you won’t have to waste unused energy. What’s more, the noise level is low at only 42 dB at maximum speed.

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Vira Tanka
Having her bachelor degree from Visual Communication Design of Bandung Institute of Technology, she explored her other interest in writing by being a writer for TV programs and travel magazines. Always keeping her love for the art, she actively sketches just about everything, from urban landscape to nature, in between writing projects.