Frank & co. Collaborates with Monica Ivena to Officially Launch Love Poetry Collection


Starting the new year with a bang, Frank & co. launched its newest diamond jewellery collection, Love Poetry Collection, as a result of collaboration with famous Indonesian fashion designer Monica Ivena. This jewellery collection expresses deep feelings of love, like when writing unique and very personal poetry.

STORY BY Iman Hidajat

In this collaboration, Frank & co. "The Residence of F Color & VVS Clarity Diamond Jewellery," which is known as a diamond jewellery brand with elegant, classic and timeless designs, presents diamond jewellery that focuses on deep and personal feelings of love like poetry.

Ferdy Felano, General Manager of Frank & co., said in a statement, "After a successful collaboration on the Kaleidoscope Dreams fashion show in 2023, Frank & co. continues the collaboration with Monica Ivena in this special offering, Love Poetry Collection. This collection combines Monica Ivena's typical design, which is whimsical but also elegant and detailed, with craftsmanship and materials from Frank & co., which produces timeless and quality jewellery.”

Monica Ivena stated, “This collaboration is a celebration and expression of the love story of each couple's love journey. The Love Poetry collection depicts the emotions of love felt when looking at a loved one and opens our eyes and hearts to how we live. I believe falling in love helps growth as an individual and a soul. "The design I created, combined with the superior craftsmanship of Frank & co., is a special combination that makes this collection personal and meaningful, as well as elegant and timeless."

Tanya Alissia, Merchandise Director of Central Mega Kencana, explained, "In this Love Poetry collection, the blend of philosophical values ​​of each couple's love journey is translated elegantly and luxuriously by Frank & co. with special jewellery designs from Monica Ivena. To translate this unique and personal poem, Frank & co. emphasizes and highlights the use of quality 18K gold materials, F VVS diamonds, and selected precious stones, namely pink and blue sapphire. This collection also uses Comfort Fit technology, making the wearer comfortable wearing the ring. It uses CNC technology, which makes the shape of each piece of jewellery neat and precise. In this collection, we offer Couple Rings and Promise Rings, not just wedding rings or engagement rings, to expand couples' choices in choosing jewellery to celebrate their love relationship. Because, in our opinion, every journey of love must be celebrated at every stage."

Introducing the Couple Ring from the Love Poetry Collection

Love Poetry Collection collaboration from Frank & co. with Monica Ivena emerged from the desire to celebrate personalization in love that every love journey is unique, every person has their own story, and every expression of love is always different.

Frank & co. and Monica Ivena created “Couple Ring” and “Promise Ring” to celebrate a couple's love story. This collaboration raises the "Couple Ring", not the "Wedding Ring" or "Engagement Ring", because every stage in the journey of love is worthy of celebration, such as when someone realizes the need to defeat the ego for a mutual victory when someone lets go of their fears and puts the person they love in their place.

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