Glen Villa, Beautiful Home at the Foot of Table Mountain

Glen Villa, Beautiful Home at the Foot of Table Mountain

By vira

ARRCC has given new life to a contemporary Cape Town home at the foot of Table Mountain. The architectural additions fuse seamlessly with the existing building, originally designed by Antonio Zaninovic. They include a new garden pavilion, an extension of a bedroom, and an extensive terraced lawn, most of which enhance the house’s connection with the surrounding landscape and city views. The pavilion’s new structure now floats out from the rocky slope. It includes enclosed and outdoor elements featuring a bar, dining space, lounge, pizza oven, and barbeque areas.

ARRCC’s priority throughout was to harness the energy of the juxtaposition between the contemporary, clean-lined architectural forms with the powerful organic presence of the mountainside. “To be in an urban setting, yet with the powerful natural presence of Table Mountain, inspired us to create an ‘urban resort,’” says ARRCC Director, Jon Case.

ARRCC interior designers Mark Rielly and Nina Sierra Rubia worked closely with the client, Shari Kennedy, on the design concept for the main house. “The interiors are a collaborative vision working with local artisans focusing on the use of materials to reveal their natural beauty and purest form, shaping bespoke pieces that are raw and transforming them into objects of luxury,” says Rielly.

Bespoke interior elements, such as the dining table, are designed in collaboration with Martin Doller. The pièce de résistance is a brass fireplace designed and manufactured in collaboration with Barry Ashmole, inspired by a 1920s copper diving helmet. OKHA and David Reade are also amongst noteworthy local craftsmen involved in the collaboration of this project.

Many of the furnishings are a subtle nod to mid-century design. Textured timber, leather, fur, and textiles speak to the presence of surrounding nature in muted colours contrasted with dark woods and tactile touches like the fur draped on the kitchen chairs. A relaxed but refined approach manifests in the detailing of the master suite, many of which are custom-made.

ARRCC’s thoughtful and considered layering of architecture, interior design, and furnishings creates a serene but characterful space deeply fused with its setting. As a design statement, this home aims to embrace a contemporary African design narrative, fusing urban and natural elements for an inspiring experience of place.

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