Gondojules: Crafting Cultural Fusion


Founded in 2018, GondoJules is a Jakarta-based interior architecture and design studio renowned for its diverse portfolio, ranging from restaurants and retail spaces to high-end apartments and boutique hotels. At the helm of the company are Brian Gondokusumo and Julia Lestari, the founders who recently shared insights about their involvement in the development of the Indonesia Design District (IDD).

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How did GondoJules become involved in IDD?

We were approached to conceptualize and execute the design elements for Bakmi GM and Bipang Ambawang within the IDD Complex. Our goal was to shape the aesthetics and ambiance of these dining venues, ultimately enhancing the overall guest experience at IDD.

What were the initial briefs?

Our initial brief encompassed crafting inviting atmospheres, optimizing customer flow through effective space utilization, ensuring seamless functionality in kitchen operations, capturing the essence of Bakmi GM and Bipang Ambawang’s brand identities through design aesthetics, and seamlessly integrating cultural references into a modern environment.

What were the challenges you faced during the process and how did you overcome them?
In the face of the challenges presented by limited space, we must employ our creativity and ingenuity to craft an interior design that maximises functionality, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. This endeavour requires a thoughtful approach where every square inch should be utilised to its fullest potential.

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