GoWork’s 6ixtraordinary: 6 Years of Extraordinary Progress

By vira

GoWork has operated as a coworking space since 2016 and taken a big part in shaping a new work culture in Indonesia. For six years they have evolved into providing solutions for various needs and functions, from office space to gathering space and even photoshoot location. They now have 26 branches in Indonesia: Jakarta, Tangerang, Bali, Surabaya, and Medan. This evolution is what inspired their new campaign called “A Space for Everything”, launched recently on their 6th anniversary.

GoWork at Central Park

During the anniversary event at their branch at Plaza Indonesia, GoWork held a talk about business and creativity with speakers from various backgrounds. Led by Vanessa Hendriadi, GoWork’s Co-Founder and CEO, the business talk covered the future of work culture and how companies adapt in the post-pandemic era. As coworking spaces have to compete with the comfort of working from home, aside from offices. So, accessibility is important. That’s why GoWork has chosen strategic locations such as office buildings and shopping malls near MRT and Transjakarta stations, so commuting from home to work isn’t as long and tedious as it used to be.

Business talk led by Co-Founder and CEO Vanessa Hendriadi

The creative talk was moderated by a member of GoWork’s team, Silvana Hermawan who’s also Putri Indonesia Kalimantan Tengah 2020. The talk covered the challenges faced by creative community throughout the pandemic and how it changed their working habits. It is said that a flexible coworking space is really needed, such as accommodation a hybrid workspace. Aside from flexibility, a coworking space is also a space where everyone from different background meet and collaborate. As the campaign mentions, GoWork is a space for everything.

After a talk about creative challenges.

After six years GoWork will continue to evolve and provide a better working space. It even has a mobile app for members or non-members to book a working space, as well as meeting rooms and event space. And look out for more branches to open later this year!

6 extraordinary years and counting!
GoWork at Millenium Centennial Center

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