Hadi Vincent: Emphasising the View by Utilising the Space

By vira

Hadi Vincent is the principal architect of Hadivincent Architects, which he founded in 2000. Hadi is known for his design principles that accommodate the client’s needs regarding space functionality and efficiency, whilst upholding the rules of architecture and the aesthetic value of interiors.

What was your brief for designing CitraLake Villa?
The briefs was simple: to design a compact but comfortable residence supported by all luxury facilities for living well.

Please explain how you realised the brief.
When I visited the location, I saw an exciting yet challenging view. First, there were two artificial lakes side by side, creating an isthmus in between where the houses would be built. Second, only 28 units will be built, forming an exclusive community for those who live there.

The real challenge lies in ensuring that each homeowner gets a view of the lake despite having only 135 sqm of land per unit. So we came up with back-to-back design to allow both fronts of the houses to face the lake. Since each unit encompasses all the luxurious elements, including each room having the best view of the lake, we have decided to construct the house with four floors, including a basement.

What other things did you prioritise in designing the show unit?
First, the layout. Second, all rooms must have a view of the lake. Third, the façade of the house must reflect a modern urban home. Living in a busy city like Jakarta, the occupants want to have a calm atmosphere when they arrive home so they can recharge and heal. Therefore, we create an oasis on the third floor to be used as a place to sit back and relax whilst enjoying the view.

How about the spatial planning of this house?
We want to deliver a house as complete as possible for homeowners and their families to live to the fullest. There are four levels in this house. First is the basement, which can be utilised as a multi-purpose area: service area, garage that can accommodate up to six cars, an entrance, and a private area overlooking the lake and the park surrounding it.

Meanwhile, the second floor has a dining room, parent’s room, pantry, and powder room. The floor is decorated with large windows that can create boundless outdoor and indoor areas when opened. CitraLake is probably the only residence with a master suite occupies the entire third floor. This floor provides flexibility as a workspace in the foyer, living room, and master bedroom with nursery. And, last, on the top floor, there are two children’s rooms that feature a spacious patio, providing the breath-taking view for relaxation.

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