Hanafi Darmadji: Be Bold with Your Dream


Amongst his family and friends, Hanafi Darmadji, the retired businessman from Surabaya, is known for his passion for design. However, his intention to become an architect deviated when he had to take care of his family’s growing pharmaceutical and culinary businesses. Nevertheless, his dream never waned, and it eventually materialized when he acquired land in Lombok. Today, the Royal Avila Boutique Resort stands as a stunning reality on Senggigi’s coastal side—a beach resort that captivates the hearts of many.

What inspires you to build a resort?

I am 70 years old and have always dreamed of having a large house where my family can gather. Instead of having it in the city, like Surabaya or even Jakarta, where you would be surrounded
by neighbours’ houses, why not build a resort here in Lombok? You can see the beautiful ocean and green scenery of the island. For me and my wife, it is good to be here where you can enjoy the relaxing scenery, the healthy quality of air, and the stress-free environment.

And why in Lombok?

Even before my retirement, I started dreaming of having a beach resort. At first, Bali was my first choice. But, the location and the price offered did not bid well. For the same price of land in Bali, I can get a better location in Senggigi, Lombok’s prime land area. So, why in Lombok? One of my sons-in-law came from Lombok.

But Lombok lies between two giants, Bali and Labuan Bajo.

Many of my colleagues reminded me that the island of Lombok may not be the ideal place to build a resort. I told them that this is always my dream and my passion to build one. Whether it was

considered right or not, my family always comes first. Regardless of the circumstances, we would have a spacious house where we could gather and relish our time here in Lombok.

How long did it take to develop Royal Avila Boutique Resort?

It took about five to six years. Initially, Stephen Yona from SCIA drew the plans, and Yanuar Kosasih helped me design the resort as it stands today.

Why did you choose a Santorini-like design?

I like the colour of the deep blue sea and sky on Santorini island. And, if you view the ocean in front of you here in West Lombok, you will see the deep blue sea and sky like the ones on Santorini island. The blue hues of Lombok beaches are amazing, and I love them.

Where did the name Royal Avila come from?

Coincidentally, my nickname is ‘Avi’, and my friends often refer to me by that name. So, when it came time to name the resort, I thought, why not use the name ‘Avila’? It carries a personal touch, representing Avi’s dream house.

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