Hans Susantio: Artisan of a Modern Art-Deco Style

By vira

Hans Susantio, an interior designer and founder of Vin.da.te and Poros Living, is known for his elegant touch of modern art-deco design. His design has graced numerous upscale residences and offices, including this impressive South Jakarta house. Hans talked with Indonesia Design about a modern art-deco style design and inspirations.

What briefs did you get from the homeowners?

The homeowners provided me with plenty of briefs, which I liked. They gave me a freedom to create their home based on their needs according to the available spaces. Then I introduced the concept of modern art-deco to them. It is not too classic, but has modern look, and, at the same time, gives you “Wow Factor”

How did you interpret the briefs into the design concept?

Simple shapes, glamour, and geometric decorations can characterise modern art-deco style. The art-deco itself can be seen from the design details in every corner of the house, the mix of materials used, and the symmetry look. Since the owners have chosen a modern style from the outside of the house, once inside, the art-deco concept only accentuates the design. Basically, the whole procedure is more towards the contemporary style.

How do you expect people to feel inside the house?
They feel mesmerised by the look the first time they enter this house. There is a wow factor and, at the same time, a welcoming feel to it.

Hans Susantio

What was the most challenging part of designing this house?
First, the house was built before I was hired to design the interior. So, the challenging part of redesigning the interior started from having to learn the previous layout before I made significant changes. For example, I had to modify a toilet into the master bedroom, the old master bedroom into a walk- in closet, a prayer room into a guest bedroom and so on. There were many shifts in the functionality of the rooms and designs. Second, it relates to the technical, mechanical, and electrical parts. It took quite a lot of time to accommodate these changes.

How long did it take to design the interior until everything was in place?
The design phase was about six months. We started the work sometime before the pandemic in 2019 and we continued during the pandemic. We finished the project in 2022.

Which part of the design do you like most? And why?
To be honest, I am satisfied with all the works. From the design perspective, you will learn that there is a slight difference in each floor. It’s as if each floor had its own theme. The first floor exudes a modern and elegant feeling, the second floor is more relaxed and chill, and the third one offers a more tropical luxury ambience. Every corner tells a different story because each has its own style.

Do you incorporate any traditional Indonesian elements into your home?

Yes, of course. The indoor is designed with mostly imported furniture, the outdoor space showcases more of the local products from Poros Living. There are also several consoles inside that I created and are locally made.

What would it be if you could repeat something about the house?
If there is an opportunity to remodel this house, I will re-layout it from the beginning. A major change is lay-outing the swimming pool in the middle of the house. Why? It will make the home cooler, and feel and look like a resort.

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