Heartwarming Luxury at Home


Luxurious design may sometimes look cold and arrogant, but Suwito Hadi and his son Albert Hadi have proven that it can go hand in hand with an intimate and warm feel. Recently, they designed a house in a luxurious residential area in Bandung with impeccable design and a heartwarming feel. It caters for the luxurious lifestyle of the family, while bringing a homey ambiance that they long for after a hard day of work and study.

Photos by Bagus Tri Laksono and DikDik Photography

Tucked in a lavish corner of an old residential district, the house appears monumental and superior due to the exposed vertical columns. The contemporary façade design complements the pilotis appearance of the front façade. From the street view, we can see the activity rooms are located high above the ground, while the ground holds a garage, a carport and a service area.

Once we enter the gate, a different scenario surprises us with an ascending front yard that leads to a big side yard. The owners were considering building a pavilion for their children, but after the completion of the main building, they fell in love with the vast side yard. Here they can host a garden party, let the children enjoy playing in the outdoor area or simply enjoy the garden on their own. As a bonus, being away from the front gate also provides more privacy for the family,”, says Suwito.

From this yard, there is the side entrance, which feels more like the main entrance as it directly leads to the dining terrace that connects the outdoor area to the living room. With a Trembesi-log dining table, this room is one of the family’s favourite spots to gather and host guests.

From the ground floor, the black stairs, made of locally sourced andesite stone, make a dramatic entrance. This view ends with a contrasting serene ivory-toned foyer with calming wooden elements. In spite of the majestic look, the colour and material selections make the house feel warm and elegant. Each area of the house has a matched wood colour. The first storey for instance, has Merbau wood to unify the rooms.

“Most timber panels and furniture on the first floor are made of Merbau wood for its luxurious pattern and rich colour. All of them are made of solid wood for incomparable durability, while adding luxury into the space,” says Albert who was in charge of the interior design.

In addition to the similar colours and ambiance, the family feel the togetherness and closeness as the pantry, living and dining rooms are connected to each other. This fluid design makes the room spacious, and even more so with the high ceiling above the dining area.

The expression of luxury is not only devided from large spaces, but also from natural-sourced materials that pamper the senses. Floors are covered with marbles. Panels, doors and windows are made of rich-textured solid wood. The plush interior design also overlooks the vast outdoor area with its manicured landscape. The space program allows for fresh air circulation and lowers the indoor temperature. We are also pampered with the sound of water from the Koi pond.

Suwito and Albert also had to ensure that they had tailored the house for every individual. Inspired by frequent travel to Japan, the owners are in awe of Japanese Zen culture. Far away from the gate, there is an area where they can enjoy their tranquil quality time in a Japan-inspired living area. This area hosts several rooms to ensure that they can enjoy the whole day, or even host a small gathering. There are a living room, a dedicated tatami room, a small pantry and a rest room with shower. These rooms sit next to a Zen garden, with a natural water spring.

The bedrooms are located on the second storey. The children’s bedrooms are located side by side with a mirrored layout. The nearness of their bedrooms both reflects and encourages togetherness between the siblings.

The master bedroom is located across from the children’s bedrooms. Covered in the finest materials with a touch of teak wood, this room is divided into bed and living areas, hence the owners can also lounge in this private zone. It also has a walk-in closet with an en suite bathroom with facilities for two.

Luxury for the owners is not just about the personalised hardware, but also the homey feeling that it has brought. This new home allows the family to spend time together, and surely will witness the heartwarming love of the family for many years to come. Now that the children are studying abroad, their home will be a place where they left their hearts and loved ones.

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Barbara Hahijary
Barbara earned her bachelor's degree in architecture from the Interior Architecture Program of the University of Indonesia in 2013. Historical or heritage buildings, as well as utilitarian design, fascinates her as it is the interaction between people and architecture that remains her favourite topic to explore. Besides architecture, her interests include design, handcrafts, literature and social issues.