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Woven Wonders

BYO Living’s Lim Masulin has championed weaving, whether the traditional, artisanal or high tech versions, bringing exquisite creations from Indonesia to major shows such as the World Expo Milan, Salon de Mobile and Masion Objet globally, and to the Thailand Innovation & Design Expo and Manila Fame closer to home. Lim is a talented designer in his own right, as seen in this red chair, devised in collaboration with Fritz Hansen. “It came from an invite to make a weaving collaboration during the Danish queen’s visit to Jakarta” in 2015, Lim says. The chair is innovative, featuring a delicate hand weave done without nails. “We used tricks to hide the joints,” he adds. “It’s all about technique.” Lim has also included the rocking horse made by Alvin T (above) in the curated exhibitions he has presented overseas. “He’s the kind of designer that’s playful,” Lim says of Alvin. See our interview with Lim elsewhere in this edition.


Volcanic Bath

British home and decor manufacturer Victoria+Albert collaborated with celebrated architecture and interior design bureau Conran+Partners to create a new collection of volcanic limestone baths. Conran+ Partners was brought in to design of the Eldon bathtub after having crafted some of the world’s top hotels and residences. Its clean lines give a modern look and the bath is practical for maintenance. It is made with V+A-exclusive Quarrycast, a stone-rich alternative of both cast iron and acrylic that is 100 percent naturally white and hand finished.


Imperial Setting

The famed Australian wine producer Penfolds has collaborated with Saint-Louis, the oldest glass manufacturer in France, to solve an eternal question: How does one pour wine from a 6-litre Imperial bottle with elegance? Thew solution: The Penfolds Aevum Imperial Service Ritual. Debuted at a gala dinner in Adelaide, the collaboration between Penfolds and Saint Louis comes with an exclusive and well regarded wine–a 2012 vintage of Grange–in Saint-Louis’ distinctive crystal packaging. Meanwhile, Penfolds also premiered an Aevum Limited Edition Crystal Decanter, designed for a 750-ml bottle of

Grange. The artistic hand-blown crystal takes the form of an untippable decanter. There are only five units of Penfolds Aevum Imperial Service Ritual, which is designed to enhance the enjoyment of the 6-litre Grange Imperial by releasing aromas and flavours through aeration–as well as by providing a memorable visual experience.

Home Decor

A Natural Look

Japanese design Studio Nendo regularly visits Milan Design Week as a platform to show its new designs. After their successful comic-chair installation last year, principal Oki Sato and his team exhibited their new design, called The Jellyfish Vases. The vases are made of ultrathin transparent silicon that has been dyed twice to make it look like it a sillhouette when submerged in a water-filled display. Through its design, the studio wants to redefine the conventional role of a vase on the table. The vases were displayed floating inside an aquarium at the Jil Sander store in Milan.


Bilateral Creation

Industrial designer and curator Giulio Cappellini (who we also talk to in this edition’s article on Singapore Design Week), is experimenting with Swedish carpet manufacturer Bolon to upholster one of Cappellini’s curated products, Anemos. The series was originally designed by Italian designer Antonio Facco for Cappellini in 2015. In this collaboration, the initial design of the seat, which consists of an upholstered pan and wooden backrest, is covered by tailored Bolon woven upholstery, hence the sofa can have alternative looks.


Bamboo Boogie

Non-profit organization Japan Creative annually invites European and US designers to broaden their knowledge about traditional materials and craftsmanship in japan. German industrial designer Stefan Diez had a chance to join the design residency and drew inspiration from the hollow cylinder-shape of bamboo. The Munich-based designer said that he regretted that people in Japan were mostly exploring only bamboo fibers, for example, to make yarn, woven baskets and brush bristles. For his creations, he made furniture out of bamboo, connecting the hollow part inside the bamboo with Kevlar rope. The products are delivered in flat packs, hence some assembly required. The green fresh bamboo will turn grey and harden as it ages.


Bring on the ethnic

The Architectural Student Association (IMA) of the University of Indonesia (UI) launched “SabuRaijua: Lontar and Architecture”, a book that documents their one-month excursion to Sabu Raijua, West Nusa Tenggara. Written by 40 students and lecturers of UI’s Architecture Department, the 230-pages book has the academics’ notes, sketches and colorful photos of both the panoramic views offered by the site and the details of the design. Prefaces are given by project officer Muhammad Luthfi Eryando, editor Aulia Amardhika Mosmart and Professor Gunawan Tjahjono. Text is in Indonesian.

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