Hidajat Endramukti: Rich in Culture and Crafts


After earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, Hidajat Endramukti returned to Indonesia to join an established architectural firm. In 1991, he established his own practice in Surabaya; Endramukti Design Architecture and Interior Design. Hidajat has an affinity towards travel, antiques, and colonial buildings in Indonesia and across the world.

What is the concept of Sudamala Resort, Komodo, and what has inspired your design?

The main concept of Sudamala Resort, Komodo is tropical living, the overall design is inspired by the island life.

How do you determine the ambiance of each room? And how do you connect the indoor and outdoor?

Each room type has a different theme and colour tone, for instance, ocean blue is the main colour scheme for the villa. To blend indoor and outdoor interiors, the furniture choices such as design and colour tones should have somewhat the same character

What about other facilities such as lobby, restaurant, function rooms and spa?

For the spa, local fabrics and old Indonesian prints are used for the decorative arts. For the lobby, a painting by John Van der Sterren is presented, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

What makes Sudamala Resort, Komodo special and distinct from your other hotel designs?

One special aspect about Sudamala Resort is incorporating locally sourced ‘kain’ from Sumba into the design, as the island where the hotel is located, is very rich in its culture and crafts. The main attraction of the hotel, I think is the design of the restaurant, as the architecture takes the inspiration from Wae Rebo Village, a village with traditional houses in East Nusa Tenggara.

What are the advantages and challenges on site during the hotel interior development process?

On the advantages side, the location is very beautiful and peaceful, very grounded into nature with ocean views and greenery. The remote location and the sourcing of furniture and accessories are some of the challenges, as the island as not yet progressed as others like Bali.

What do you hope to accomplish in your future hotel projects?

For future hotel projects, the location will determine the main inspiration and atmosphere of the design, whether they be tropical or metropolitan, etc.

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