Homegrown Indonesian Home Décor Brands You Need to Know


Home is where the heart is. Discovering unique creations for the home is half the fun of decorating. From traditional craftsmanship to experimental designs, Indonesia is a treasure trove of talent and artistic expression. We are always on the hunt for homegrown beauties that deserve the spotlight. Explore our latest finds of homegrown decor brands.

Casa Goods

A curatorial series and custom made objects and furniture that ventures around bold, quirky, and oddly particular selections that is influenced by the spirit of the 20th century.

Whip Mirror by Casa Goods

UMA Design

C. Fossae by UMA Design

A project by Artes Indonesia focusing on home and living products made by skilled artisans & designed as as tatement piece for your space.

Soeki Living

Handmade ceramics by Karisya Rucitra that reflect on natural aesthetics and simple, wabi sabi lifestyle.

Bond by Soeki

Products by Soiléir

Soileir means clear in Irish language and using acrylics as the main material for their products they embrace the clear concept that offers simplicity in the barest form.

Kee.ra and Ser.sha by Soileir

Ruma by SRW

A collection of uncanny things and artistic prints from raw designed planter pots to glass-stained mirrors.

Glass ornaments by Ruma

Sudut by Gälä

A plethora of handmade artisanal aesthetic vase made from a variety of medium.

Parra Series by Sudut

Abu and Bulat

Hand-built collection of eccentric home objects.

Chirologia Open Box by Abu and Bulat

Made my MY

A collection of quirky decorative ceramics handmade by Margaret Yap.

The Sitting Boy by Margaret Yap


Beautiful and creative artisanal home decoration collection focusing on patterned fabrics from cushion covers to carpets.

Cushion cover by MACHA

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