The "Illinois" Collection by DmDio and Arbor & Troy

Photography By Bagus Tri Laksono

Arbor & Troy, a premium home furnishing brand, has collaborated with designers for the first time to create a stylish and unique collection. The collaboration is with Santi Alaysius and Hamprey Tedja of DmDio for the Illinois Collection.

Santi and Hamphrey met in Chicago, Illinois 12 years ago. After moving back to Jakarta two years later, they reconnected and decided to start Domisilium Studio, which is now one of the most popular architecture and interior design studios in the country. Together, they have designed hotels, offices, residences and restaurants all over the world. Their striking eye for design has certainly made a mark and Arbor & Troy captured the opportunity to collaborate with them as Domisilium's alter ego, DmDio, for this beautiful collection.

After being approached to create the collection, Santi and Hamphrey first asked the furniture brand about the background of the company.

"They told us that the brand was named after Ann Arbor and Troy, two cities in Michigan. We then explained that we were actually trained to be architects in Illinois, a neighbouring state to Michigan in the USA. That's where the idea of this collection came from, and we named the items after the different cities of Illinois," Santi said.

The concept of the collection is to create casual home furniture that still can be used on different occassions. Whether you live in an apartment or a home, with or without a family, the pieces can still match to any style. Some of the pieces are more feminine such as the Galena accent chair or the Moline ottoman, and some are more masculine such as the Chicago accent chair. The Quincy series of tables come in forms of coffee tables, a dining table with the matching Elliot dining chair, a console table and side tables, all using dark Sungkai wood and brass, suitable for those who are into natural, dark hues to accent certain spaces. On top of that, the Berwyn sofa is more than just a comfortable sofa, its beautiful and unique design of the armrest can surely make the most relaxing space in any home.

Arbor & Troy provides luxurious, beautiful furniture that caters to any design, and their latest collection with Santi and Hamphrey explores the urban, and modern concept that is adaptable to any occasion. The Illinois collection is a casual yet elegant series of furniture pieces that can be mixed and matched with any existing pieces in your modern home.

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Bagus Tri Laksono