Authentic Balinese Design at Indigo Hotel Seminyak


The Seminyak area was once a quiet fishing village by the sea, where the villagers would go to the village square (banjar) and brought their own woven straw carpets and chairs from their homes to gather and exchange stories. This tale of banjar lifestyle is what inspired the design of the lobby at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach while the entire property of the hotel speaks the spirit of the magical charm on the Island of Gods.

Opened in June 2017, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach decided to do a neighbourhood-centric approach in design using the inspiration of the old Seminyak lifestyle. They created a contemporary take on the Balinese traditional neighbourhood where the ocean breeze blends a fusion of village gamelan and modern house music. The integration of modern and traditional Bali is the key concept and creates an abstract image of artworks that reflects in its architecture and interiors.

A leading local furniture producer brought this concept into fruition, resulting in an out-of-the-box contemporary and eclectic interior style that pays respects to the local wisdom. The spacious and open lobby that is known as the Neighbourhood Gallery, for example, is dominated by wooden elements such as timbre floors, intricate wooden carvings in a geometric pattern on its wall and ceiling, accentuated with brass hanging lamps. This beautiful cacophony of design is juxtaposed with many mismatched rattan chairs in various styles, all placed perfectly and give harmony and balance to the entire area.

The amazing intricate wooden carving as one of the leitmotifs around the hotel is the creative interpretation of the traditional Balinese weaving textile called tenun songket. Meanwhile, the large brass hanging lamps are inspired by the topper and structure of Balinese festive umbrellas. Overall, this extensive lobby space presents a continuous flow between the arrival court and the landscape that leads guests towards the Seminyak Beach skyline’s spectrum and the resort’s expansive complex with building proportions profoundly inspired by traditional Balinese pavilions.

Part of the renowned InterContinental Hotels Group, this resort sprawls over 4.7 hectares of land space with direct access to the beach. The hotel also worked with Thailand-based leading international architecture firm called A49. Right from their initial stages of design, a cross-shaped design of the plan was developed to maximise the useable area, whilst ensuring that the external views were unobstructed by surrounding buildings. The architecture itself was designed to the proportions of the traditional Balinese pavilion, with its roof being seen from the front of the hotel.

All the 289 units including villas in this resort draw inspiration from the flavours, culture and character of the surrounding local neighbourhood of the vibrant Seminyak district that is infused into the indigenous Balinese culture. They are not only spacious in size, but also stylishly appointed with a striking mix of locally influenced design touches. Every guestroom is fitted with daybeds, plush bedding, spa-inspired bathrooms and state-of-the-art features. Also, there are 19 villas with private outdoor swimming pools, whirlpools and marble bathrooms that are inspired by the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, of being one with the Gods, living beings and the earth.

Each villa is planned like a Balinese house, consisting of three main areas: Nista Mandala, space for residents to embrace the Gods, Madya Mandala, a space to be at one with nature, and Utama Mandala, a space for interpersonal relations. The hotel also worked with another leading international interior design company called P49 to create the originality of the interior for all rooms, suites and villas that are cohesive with the overall design concept.

Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is surrounded by alluring landscape created by Belt Collins International that deeply embraces the unique beauty of Bali’s natural setting through the presence of exotic plants and lush vegetation on the wall structures that portray the island’s renowned irrigation system known as Subak.

The resort offers six F&B outlets, each with a distinctive design. The neighbourhood café called Makase is the all-day dining restaurant with an open kitchen concept that boasts a contemporary yet casual look. The intricate wooden carving of tenun songket weaving is also translated as its main accent on the ceiling. Pottery Café that is located next to Makase serves a finely curated collection of local specialty coffees, teas, and chocolate, alongside freshly made pastries. It is also set as a one-of-kind establishment with its coffee roasting machine.

No less interesting is Tree Bar, which is the home to Balixology, the hotel’s unique cocktail concept. The concept is where the art of mixology is blended with Bali’s local Arak liquor infused with locally-sourced herbs and spices.

By the main pool, the resort also created a series of faux caves for guests to unwind called the Cave Pool Lounge. A signature dining restaurant called Salon Bali offers an intimate space with a rustic design aesthetic where refined Balinese cuisine featuring the island’s traditional delicacy is served. This menu features authentic flavours of Bali and Indonesia that are combined with contemporary culinary methods, thus creating a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Now, the restaurant serves four or six-course set menus as well as a la carte.

Last but not the least is a renowned beachfront bar and restaurant known as SugarSand that serves great Nikkei cuisine. This establishment also boasts walls of artworks specially commissioned to the renowned Indonesian French artist Ines Katamso. The curved roof of the building is inspired by the shape of the boom of a traditional Balinese wooden outrigger fishing boat called jukung.

All in all, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is a melting pot, enriched with a diverse culture and lifestyle that merges all the wonderful things Bali is known for. We can say that they have successfully interpreted the old Seminyak neighbourhood charm into the design beautifully.

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