How to Turn your Bathroom Design into a Balinese Dream


Don’t we all wish to be on a tropical island right now, far away from all the craziness? Wouldn’t it be nice to take a trip to Bali and lay by the beach? We know it’s impossible right now, so why not just bring Bali to you?

There are so many Balinese elements you can incorporate into your home. One of the most distinctive parts of a Balinese villa is definitely the bathroom. Spacious, open air and one with nature. It’s not that hard to mimic that tropical feeling and place it right into your space. Here are Balinese bathroom design elements you can incorporate into your home to achieve that island vacation dream.

Outdoor Shower

Source: Villa Chandra Bali

Feel the fresh air and sun on your skin by having an outdoor shower. If you don’t want to feel too exposed to the outside, simply create a skylight which will mimic the outdoor feeling by letting lots of natural light in. Should you choose to leave the ceiling open, it’s important to remember to seal your bathroom properly to stop insects and other critters from coming in to your bathroom.


Source: Kayumanis Luxury Villas

One of the most important elements of a Balinese bathroom is the amount of greenery it has. Whether it’s an actual mini garden in the bathroom, a collection of beautifully-potted plants, or both, it’s crucial to include this element to create the perfect tropical vibe. You can buy fake plants at any home goods store, but did you know that bathrooms are the perfect environment for many plants? If you want to challenge your green thumb, try planting ferns, orchids, gardenias and spider plants, they actually thrive in the humidity and some shade!

Natural Stone

Source: Bulgari Resort Bali

Forget painted tile and porcelain, go all natural! Use natural stone all over the bathroom to create an effortless and simple design. The neutral colours of the stone evokes a relaxing, comfortable and clean space which looks beautiful under natural light. Use this on your counters, bathtub and floor for a cohesive natural look. Popular stones for bathrooms include Marble, Travertine or Granite.


Source: Bambu Indah Villas

If you don’t want to use all natural stone, use all wood or mix and match. Make sure the colours fit together! The most popular colour to use on bathrooms is white as it matches with any tone of wood, but be bold and get creative by using blues and greys with cool-toned wood and bright, sunny colours with warm tones. Evoke your own personal style!

Large Mirrors

Source: Blue Karma Resort Ubud,

A Balinese bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a large mirror. It would be a massive waste not to include this element. Why? Because large mirrors make the space look larger, and the reflection of the natural light can make your bathroom look much brighter. Use large mirrors on your vanity, or a standing full-length mirror in one corner for the perfect daily outfit selfie.

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