Huma Betang Umai, A Winner of IKN Design Competition

Huma Betang Umai, A Winner of IKN Design Competition

By vira

Indonesia is going to have its capital city moved from Jakarta to IKN (Ibu Kota Negara, means The Country’s Capital), located in Kalimantan. The development is going underway until 2045. Recently IKN design competition was held for some of the key government buildings. With Gunawan Tjahjono leading the judges, the main concept of the whole design is Future Smart Forest City.

In the next few posts we will feature some of the winners. First up is Huma Betang Umai designed by SHAU+APTA+Cilaki in the Vice President’s Palace category.

Adapting the Dayak's long house design.

The design portrayed grandeur and familiarity, and projected to bring together the palace and the public. The design adapted the concept of Dayak’s long house (Rumah Panjang/Huma Betang), where all the rooms are facing the same side.

Smart building in a lush forest.

On the west side there are monumental flights of stairs and an outdoor gallery of the Vice President’s track records with funicular as access for VIP and the disabled, which is also the entrance to the secretariat. The opposite side is the main entrance for the Vice President, while on the north and east there will be reflecting pools that collect rainwater.

Facing west.

The secretariat offices will have an open office concept and there will be a multifunctional tribune in the lobby for diverse activities. The mosque on the small hill will face a reflecting pool. And there will be a retention pool that can be accessed by public.

The grand entrance.
The secretariat lobby.
Conference room.
The tribune.

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