ICAD 13 Showcases Artworks to Tap Emotions

By vira

The 13th edition of Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design exhibition is running from 13 October until 26 November 2023 in the usual venue, Grand Kemang hotel, Jakarta. The theme is “Feel Good Lab” or “FGL”, which refers to a contemplation and celebration of the transformative power of emotions in creative exploration.

Entang Wiharso's "Under Inheritance" (2014-2015) installation and his acrylic painting "Broken Horizon" (2022) in the background
"#365 ASI" (2023) by Ressa Rizky Mutiara, tells the story of the artist's one year journey of breastfeeding her child as an overwhelming working mother.

FGL as a curatorial manifesto focuses on the positive emotions of experimenting, playing, and tinkering; actions that may derive from curiosities, desires, or needs. Curated by Amanda Ariawan and Prananda L. Malasan, ICAD 13 features the works of 54 multidisciplinary creative actors, collectives, and communities working in art, design, music, culture, and new materials. They believe in our agency to create a condition in which we feel aligned with our everyday practice, recognising our rights to achieve a sense of emotional well-being in today’s world. “The exhibition is therefore treated as an experimental laboratory to attain or express critical thoughts surrounding this state; a space in which artists, designers, and the public may explore, activate, and rework their feelings,” said Amanda Ariawan as the lead curator.

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"The Whisper Tree" (2023) by Alex Abbad and Viro, an interactive installation instrument to share awareness about the condition of our universe nowadays.
Through "Nikmat Sisa Penguasa" (2020), Octo Cornelius presents a structure in the shape of a chandelier where red birds circle the remains of flesh attached to the hooks; symbolising the crumbs that we enjoy today are the legacy of the policies of the past rulers.

The displayed artworks range from installation to performance works. They offer intense explorations that connect one aspect with another such as but not limited to the themes of womanhood and care, humour, feel-good, and the contrasting emotions that exist alongside them. Some of the artworks are created for this exhibition and some are re-exhibited old works. The number of submissions this year has doubled compared to last year and came from 18 cities and 7 countries.

"War with E-Waste" (2023) by Alfaz Syam, a series of artwork that turns keyboard waste into fashion items like shoes, vest, sandals, hats, etc.
"Psychedelic Room" (2023) by Ramadhan Bouqie, fills one Grand Kemang's guest room with fluorescent geometric psychedelic shapes to test how humans manage 'intoxicating' sensory perception.

Other than displayed creative works, ICAD 13 also holds interactive activities such as workshops and tours, performances, talks sessions, fashion show and more. Most of the program activations are located at the main venue, some are held in partner venues and public spaces in the Kemang district.

"Pindahin! (Jakarta ke Nusantara)" (2023) by Ivonne Kani, a caricature of a promotional booth of moving the capital city from Jakarta to IKN.
Through "Just Another Hectic Day" (2023), Naufal Abshar frames a scene where many people share experiences of the same day, place and room, but with different barriers.
"Transcendence Unveiled: Embracing the Depths of Character" (2023) by Arum Larasati, Austera Premakara & Dearista Nooria - an interactive digital installation attempting to reveal the side that's buried inside each individual.
A collaboration work between the Foundation of Benyamin Sueb, an Indonesian legendary all-around artist, with Studio Woork, La Munai Records and Cut & Rescue, in a space called "Tribute to Benyamin Sueb"

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