ICAD 2021

Nindityo Adipurnomo (Yogyakarta) - Retrospeksi Nyadran (2021)

For more than a decade, the team behind Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD), which consists of several architects and senior designers under the Foundation Design+Art Indonesia, have contributed through expertise by creating a platform intended to bridge art, design with multiple disciplines; ranging from fashion, film, hospitality, F&B, and others.

In a joint effort to achieve In this regard, ICAD has built its foundation by offering exhibitions and programs that are curated, highlighting various creations and innovations in accordance with the times. ICAD's annual event, taking place in Jakarta's lifestyle district, Kemang, features leading interdisciplinary artists, designers and creators from around the world. ICAD also partners with prestigious international platforms, such as the Milan SuperDesign Show, La Biennale di Venice, and the London Design Biennale, in terms of curating and displaying art and design Indonesia to the world.

When COVID-19 forced the world to limit activities from home, almost everything switched to online. We're all adjusting and soon, there's more to the term accompanied by the word “from home”; work from home, school from home, yoga from home, and so forth. But what about the exhibition? Even though the pandemic has hit the world since last year, we have seen art and design communities intertwine support in joy and sorrow. Event organisers who can no longer welcome guests on their physical site transforming industries around the world into exhibitions virtual/online. We've all learned and found new ways to survive and develop. We all adapt. We all change. Different from previous years, in this 11th year the ICAD exhibition will not only will take place at the main venue (Grand Kemang Hotel Jakarta) but also work together with various venues and brands curated at #KEMANG12730 to celebrate the design and art that is unique and unique to South Jakarta.

Neo Public Face by Ridwan Kamil

ICAD which will take place from 21 October to 28 November 2021, will feature various public activities, both physical and virtual. As an effort to amplify this experience, ICAD XI is also expanding its connections through partnerships dynamic with local and international cultural institutions, the press and various businesses related to lifestyle. The exhibition itself will be concentrated into several categories, namely In Focus (invited leading artists and designers from Indonesia), Guest Artists (artists and invited international designers), Next Gen (innovative young artists invited), and Open Submissions.

This year ICAD XI raised the theme “Public” as an inseparable element of art, sparking interest and discussion about how the relationship between a work of art and public are interrelated. Believing in the importance of the public as audiences, users, consumers, and trendsetters, ICAD XI encourages artists and designers who participate in responding to the present day through speculative ideas about what is possible relevant to the post-pandemic public. As a creator, how will life be in the future can we imagine? What changes can we expect to occur in our daily lives, and how do art and design respond to it? In addition to the special installation from B.J. Habibie and Irvan A. Noe'man, ICAD XI showing dozens of designer, artists, architects, musicians, communities, local and international institutions such as:

Nindityo Adipurnomo - Mono Human Being

Arahmaiani (Indonesia)
Arum Tresnaningtyas (Indonesia)
Awan Simatupang (Indonesia)
Budi Pradono (Indonesia)
Budi Santoso (Indonesia)
Bujangan Urban (Indonesia)
Cakradara Andiani (Indonesia)
Dea Widya (Indonesia)
Eddi Prabandono (Indonesia)
Eldwin Pradipta (Indonesia)
Festival Relics (Indonesia)
Fluxcup (Indonesia)
Forum Sudut Pandang (Indonesia)
Gubuak Kopi (Indonesia)
Handoko Hendroyono (Indonesia)
Hestu Setu Legi (Indonesia)
Festival Relics (Bagus Pandega, Randy Danistha, Nara Anindyaguna, Coune) (Indonesia)
Patrick Hartono (Indonesia)
Irwan Ahmett (Indonesia)
Jatiwangi Art Factory (Indonesia)
Jumaldi Alfi (Indonesia)
Komikazer/Reza Mustar (Indonesia)
Naomi Samara (Indonesia)
Nina Nuradiati (Indonesia)
Nindityo Adipurnomo (Indonesia)
Panji Wisesa (Indonesia)
Ridwan Kamil (Indonesia)
Sheila Rooswitha Putri (Indonesia)
Taba Sanchabakhtiar (Indonesia)
Vendy Methodos (Indonesia)
Aung Myat Htay (Myanmar)
Bo Wang (China)
Charles Lim (Singapore)
Goran Despotoyski (Serbia)
Mark Salvatus (The Philippines)
Takashi Makino (Japan)
Nicolas Champeaux & Gilles Porte (France)

ICAD XI will also present more than 35 programs, such as film screenings, masterclasses, discussions, workshops, and online performances held with local and international partner institutions. All of these programs are aimed at sharing insights and inspiration, free of charge.

Here are some programs that will take place in the ICAD XI show:

• Roundtable (online) hosted with Superstudio, Milan. In this discussion, several speakers will be presented who will discuss the development of art and design in Indonesia and Italy: Gisella Borioli (Founder and CEO, Superstudio Group), Diana Nazir (Founder and Director, ICAD), Fulvia Ramogida (Chairman of Relations, Superstudio Group) , Christopher Tanihaha (Indonesian Designer in Milan)

• Roundtable (Online) organized with the London Design Biennale (LDB), London. In this discussion, representatives of the LDB, as well as the Indonesian Pavilion at LDB, will be presented to discuss Indonesia's involvement in this prestigious international event: Victoria Broackes (Director, LDB), Dea Widya (Artist, Indonesian Pavilion at LDB), Joshua Simanjuntak (Jury, Pavilion Indonesia in LDB).

• Discussion (Online) held with the Institut Francais d'Indonesie (IFI), presenting Indonesian and French designers (Amaury Poudray, Alvin T, Francis Surjaseputra, etc.) with topics related to the development and future of design.

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Diana Nazir, Steering Committee, said “The pandemic has had a huge impact on how we all live our lives. We are faced with challenges and forced to adapt and change. The way we work, communicate, make choices, and seek information has changed, in large part because of our willingness to adopt new digital tools and services. In the future, COVID-19 will not take away the value of face-to-face exhibitions; rather it creates new ways to present it more creatively.”

Edwin Nazir, Festival Director, said “ICAD has always prioritised creative collaboration since its first exhibition in 2009. This year we are expanding our partner venue which is located in an area that has long been known as the design and art area in South Jakarta, namely Kemang. Exhibitions and some public programs will take place both physically and virtually. In line with the theme of ICAD XI, “Publik”, we want to strengthen and expand the public experience and become a celebration of Indonesian contemporary design and art.”

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