ICAD Collective Is Weaving the World in Milan Design Week

ICAD Collective Is Weaving the World in Milan Design Week

By vira

Milan Design Week (MDW) is going to run from 18-23 April 2023. ICAD (Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design) Collective, supported by Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Service, is going to join the world class exhibition. In response to the event’s theme “Inspiration Innovation Imagination”, ICAD Collective curators came up with the theme “Weaving the World” for all Indonesian artists and designers that are showcasing their works.


ICAD’s participation in MDW this year is going to be their third time, having skipped the 2021 and 2022 editions due to the pandemic. The curatorial team is consisted of Diana Nazir (curator), Amanda Ariawan (assistant curator) and Andika Frestian (artistic director). The theme “Weaving the World” has actually been discussed since the beginning of pandemic.

“’Weaving the World’ basically means uniting a lot of different things, but not making them as the same thing. Through their works, the artists communicate how they see the critical issues that the world is having, not only the ones happening in Indonesia. Artistic-wise, we considered the technicality as well as the materials. The technique of weaving is unifying these different elements, which could mean the sources or the type (traditional and contemporary),” Amanda said at the online press conference on 11 April 2023.

Rinaldy Yunardi

ICAD Collective Artists

Seventeen artists, designers and brands are going to have their works showcased at the exhibition. They are Ayu Andiani & Harry Purwanto, BaNa X TAGA, BYO by Tommy Ambiyo, Djalin, Iyonono, KainD, Kait Handmade, Mangmoel, Polkaa Goods by Rina Renville & Nuantika, Rinaldy Yunardi, RUEVERSE by Savira Lavinia, Studio Hendro Hadinata, Threadapeutic, and Viro X Itjuk X Kezia Karim. They created the artworks specifically for this event, which includes installations, home décor, and fashion.


Production’s sustainability is one of the curators’ considerations in choosing which artists to join and exhibit at the 104 m2 booth at the event. The end goal of this year’s event is not only for awareness but also making sales and opening for a possibility for collaborations with other designers or brands that they’ll meet there.

Studio Hendro Hadinata

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