The Visual Effects Team Behind Ted 2


Australia-based Iloura is an animation, visual effects and design studio motivated by creative problem solving and technical innovation. The team is known for creating the ghosts for the 2016 remake of the Ghostbusters movie, Ted in Ted 2, and other visual animations in other blockbuster movies.

Photo By Iloura Doc.

Melbourne, where one of Iloura's offices is located, is an appealing destination for film makers as it offers cost effective facilities and options. The State Government of Victoria and the Australian Federal Government provide ample support to the industry through desirable financial incentives such as grants.

Iloura artists used a mix of VFX and hand-crafted animation techniques to realise the vision for pivotal battle in “Battle of Bastards”. It has engaged in onset supervision, look development, pre and post visualization for the productions as well as the finishing shots.

With the visual effects that Iloura created in this epic battle sequence, it is easy for viewers to get lost in the story unraveling before their eyes. It is so incredibly detailed that even the producer of the TV series had difficulties remembering and distinguishing what was shot in real life and what was added digitally.

Wthe visual effects requirement, be it for Mad Max: Fury Road or The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Iloura pushes the boundaries on its creative digital skills and blends the impossible into the screen.

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