In the Making of Quiet Luxury: Valdy Wijaya


Whilst some people revel in flashy extravagance, others seek a serene luxury in their lifestyle. Valdy Wijaya, the visionary behind Valvonne, stands as the go-to interior designer for those drawn to this opulence. We had a chat with the designer to gain some insights on bringing this distinctive ambiance into our own homes.

What is the current trend in the high-end interior design market?
I’ve noticed some old trends are coming back
and melded with the current modern trends. This resurgence seems driven by a younger generation of collectors willing to invest in both artworks and antiques, which they integrate into newly refurbished spaces.

You consistently use monochromatic colour scheme with bright colours as accents. What led you to adopt this approach?
This choice aligns with our tastes, character and style. A monochromatic palette exudes enduring simplicity and elegance within a home. Its calming effect fosters a comfort to living.

What challenges did you encounter in designing this particular house?
The main challenge was harmonising BHA’s architectural vision with our interior design. We, the architect and the client, had extensive communication to overcome this. We also regularly had the site visit to ensure the construction meets our design. Through these visits, we got more insight on the scale of space, view, lighting, air circulation and others to provide comfort and homey ambiance.

There are many artworks adorning every room in this house. Can you tell us more about this? The homeowner has the passion for art and has curated an impressive collection. Our initial step involved selecting artworks that complemented the wall dimensions and each room’s layout.

These chosen pieces include accessories, fabrics and cushions, to name a few. We had detailed discussions with the client to align our perception on our design visions. Fortunately, navigating this process was relatively smooth, given the client’s keen artistic sensibilities.

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