Incredible Garden Designs in Indonesia


The garden in your home is not just a design element to look at. With most of us having to stay at home in 2020, it’s a safe space away from the busy home, a place to relax and enjoy greenery, somewhere to learn gardening, and even a spot to enjoy some much-needed sunlight in the mornings. In Indonesia, the types of gardens can range from traditional to contemporary, depending on the type of home. If you want to create your own garden space, use these incredible garden designs right here in Indonesia for inspiration.

Gardens Inside and Out

This incredible luxurious landscape design in a home located in Western Surabaya boasts multiple outdoor areas that serve different purposes. In the outer area of the property, there is a terrace perfect for entertaining guests and sitting outdoors. Inside, some of the areas are separated by greenery and have stone walkways that connect them, fully embracing nature and fresh air.

Traditional Indonesian Garden Terrace

Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono

This incredible traditional terrace is in the home of famous Indonesian Fashion Designer, Poppy Dharsono. The back area of her home features a traditional pendopo featuring a Limasan-type roof that is associated with a higher status of a Javanese family. The area is surrounded by lush greenery, a serene space to relax and unwind whilst enjoying fresh air.

Japanese Zen Garden

Photo by Sefval Mogalana

Believe it or not, this Japanese garden is situated in a private residence in Klaten, Central Java. The tropical house was designed by architect Frans Gondo and interior designer Valdy Wijaya, and one interesting element they included was this garden and terrace right on the entrance area of the home. The small zen area is decorated with bonsai trees and white sand as a serene welcoming feature for the house.

A Grand Central Courtyard

Calling this area a garden simply does not do it justice. This incredible courtyard is situated inside a mansion in Bali designed by Piter Gan Architect. The massive yard fit for large events and parties is also lined by a pond and has a floating pathway to the entertainment pavilion. The design is definitely worthy for royalty, and a dream palace for anyone!

A Space-Saving Garden

Photo by Arno Santosa

A family in Serpong decided to elevate their eco-friendly hobby into a whole “urban farming” lifestyle and turned their home into a gardening haven. With the help of architect Sigit Kusumawijaya, their home was transformed into its own greenhouse, incorporating plants into the walls and all the way to the rooftop area.

Indoor Cactus Garden

Photo by Mario Wibowo

This stunning cactus garden was incorporated inside Hikari House, a home in North Bandung designed by architect duo Erick Laurentius and Ronald Pallencaoe of Pranala Associates. They decided to build this element by the dining room to allow natural light to enter the space in varying angles, creating a meditative atmosphere.

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