Incredible Home Office Design Ideas to Inspire and Motivate You


With the current pandemic and lockdown that followed, offices, malls and other establishments are forced to close. Many of us have to work from home and settle for a makeshift workspace. In the first few weeks of quarantine, we made do with temporary home office setups. As months passed and COVID-19 spread faster than wildfire, working from home has become the “new normal” and creating a functional home office is now more important than ever.

The perfect home office should accommodate your work preferences, style and items needed for your work. Ideally, your setup should empower you to be more productive and effective. When exploring the design and layout for your home office, factor in its functionality, versatility and comfort before you incorporate your style in the design. Here are some home office inspirations to motivate you.

Offices with Bookshelves

Bookcases come in many shapes and sizes and it’s a stylish way to show off your collection of books and trinkets.

A classic office setup with built-in bookshelves. Source:
A simple office with affordable bookshelves. Source:

Colourful Offices

Choose bold colours or a pop of colour to get that creative juices flow or go for relaxing colours like beige or blue to stay calm and focus.

A bright blue office with a matching patterned corkboard. Source:
DIY rainbow wall in a white office. Source:

Working Corners

For those without the luxury of space for a home office, create a makeshift setup from your everyday space like the end of your dining table or under the stairs.

Use your dining table as an office desk. Source:
Use the space under your stairs for a functional work corner. Source:
Keep clutter at bay by creating a home office nook in a built-in wardrobe. Source: Lagnappe Custom Interiors
Save space by using foldable office desks. Source:

Comfortable Offices

If you are going for a more relaxed atmosphere, add little touches such as a carpet or floor pillows to create a cosy nook for your home office.

Add a comfortable seating area in your office for your much-needed breaks. Source:
Install a comfy reading nook to get inspired. Source:

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