IndoBuildTech 2022 Showcases Collaboration Between Businesses in the Building Material and Interior Products to Accelerate National Economic Growth


Indonesia’s economic recovery is accelerating this year as the Covid-19 wave starts to flatten in the first quarter of 2022 with the increasing vaccination participation. The strong economic growth in 2021 signals a positive economic outlook for 2022 and increases the confidence of industry players towards Indonesia’s economic recovery.

Other positive indications have also drive the optimism and participation for market leaders in the building material and interior products to exhibit their expertise in the respective segments through IndoBuildTech Expo 2022. In this edition, a series of business sessions will be integrated for six days beginning from 22 to 27 March 2022 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in Tangerang. The organisers aims to strengthened and optimised collaboration between stakeholders to interact, negotiate and transact by adding an extra day to the exhibition this year, with the goal to accelerate economic recovery in sectors related to building construction and infrastructure.

According to Raditia Zafir Ahmad – General Manager of PT Debindo-ITE, as the organiser they are implementing a non-cash and contactless system to assure visitors and participants alike a safe, convenient and productive event.

“As the event organiser in the new normal, we prioritise the safety, health and smooth interactions for all exhibitors and visitors. Our purpose is to maximise the productivity of the activities which in turn will contribute significantly towards the implementation of various construction activities for residential, commercial to infrastructure, which will multiply the positive effects towards the national economic recovery,” explained Raditia.

Raditia Zafir Ahmad, further explained that IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 carries an umbrella theme of “Reinforcing the Bond of a Nation” where the role of businesses in the building material and interior products contributes significantly to the success of developing interconnectivity in infrastructure throughout Indonesia as a nation.


In parallel to the exhibition and business programs, IndoBuildTech will hold the National Architecture Installation Festival (NAIFEST). This national architectural installation festival offers a new experience in enjoying, exploring and studying the creative innovation of the masterpieces featured by 20 of Indonesia’s leading architectural firms. Apart from enjoying the artistry of three-dimensional architectural art, visitors will acquire new ideas and information related to the architectural trends in the future. The architectural bureaus include Arkides Studio, Biroe, CDS, Effstudio, K+AD, LARCH Studio, PSA Studio, Semiotic Architect, Sidarta & Sandjaja , IAAW, and etc.

In line with the assessment of various international institutions that demonstrate Indonesia as resistant towards global pressure and require strong fundamentals for accelerated recovery, the end of the first quarter of 2022 is an important momentum for the business players and the wider community to move in tandem towards the restoration of productive activities. Thus, IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 plays an important role in society to explore the best solution to meet the demands of building materials and interior products that has been delayed due to the pandemic.

Continuing the successful implementation at the end of 2021, IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 at ICE features a wider range of products, selection of leading brands and more business programs including presentation of latest innovative products that can be appropriated and utilised by visitors as insights and gain new knowledge. Among the selected products that provides solution with the leading brands that will be featured are Beko Home Appliance, Virobuild – eco-friendly building materials, Vivere home and office furniture, Biowood – Green Resource Materials, GRC fiber cement board, Metric Kitchen – premium cabinetry system, Penguin eco-Tank; and many more categories of building materials and interior.

The implementation of IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 is supported by the Ministry of Works and Public Housing, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ministry of Trade, Construction Service Development Institute, professional and business associations such as the Indonesian Architects Institute (IAI), the Indonesian Association of Precast and Prestressed Companies (AP3I), Indonesian Institute of Urban Designers (IARKI), Indonesian Quantity Surveyors Association (IQSI), National ICT Entrepreneurs Association (APTIKNAS), Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI), Association of Indonesian Interior Designers (HDII), Indonesian Association of Landscape Architects (IALI), National Association Indonesian Expert Consultants (INTAKINDO) and the Indonesian Society of Green Building Professionals (IABHI).

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