Indonesian Young Artists at Gajah Gallery Singapore

Indonesian Young Artists at Gajah Gallery Singapore

By vira

Gajah Gallery Singapore presents “Indonesian Young Artists: Redefining the Indonesian Aesthetic” exhibition from 13-30 April 2023. Curated by Duls Rumbawa, the show features the works of 10 young Indonesian artists with a variety of styles.

Herru Yoga, New York, 2022, Oil on Canvas, 145 x 120cm

The Indonesian art scene is filled with so many different styles, techniques, media, and the discourses. Some of today’s art are influenced by the locality that has developed, some are by the absorbed knowledge from abroad. At the end, both triggered a question: how big is the effect of this variety to the pattern of Indonesian art today?

The exhibition is trying to map out today’s art scene and aims to have a better grasp of what shapes the identity of artists today, the zeitgeist of the era.

The participating Indonesian young artists are:

Bio Andaru, Dabi Arnasa, Dikco Ayudya, Dini Nur Aghnia, Dzikra Afifah, Hari Gita, Herru Yoga, Raden Kukuh Hermadi, Sel Yoon-Suak, and Syaura Qotrunadha.

Bio Andaru, Minding the Forest, Acrylic on Canvas, 200x150cm, 2023
Dicko Ayudya, Destroyer #2 (Beethoven Potrait), 160x140cm, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2023
Dzikra Afifah, Living Revelation, 2021, Stoneware, 30x25x21cm

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