Innit Lombok Is a Hidden Tropical Haven

Innit Lombok Is a Hidden Tropical Haven


With unspoiled ocean, lush landscapes, and the comfort of staying in a uniquely designed beach house, the enchanting and captivating Innit Lombok resort entices travellers to indulge in a tropical paradise. Its irresistible charm is truly undeniable.

Story by Iman Hidajat| Photos by Innit Lombok

Tucked away in the picturesque East Lombok, within the secluded Ekas Bay, Innit Lombok boasts a haven for travellers seeking an immersive and rejuvenating escape. You can reach the destination via a scenic drive through a long and straight passageway, or by the resort’s boat that transports you across the bay. Either way, you’ll be greeted with tropical beauty that sets the stage for an unforgettable stay.

As you soak in the surroundings, you may find yourself wondering if this is truly the place you’ve been searching for. And indeed, it is here at Innit Lombok where you’ll discover the answer - innit?

Surrounded by natural beauty, Innit Lombok takes guests to feel a sense of laid back. The resort provides direct access to pristine beaches. The serene waves embrace the shore, whilst the breath-taking sunsets illuminate the sky with a kaleidoscope of vibrant shades.

Innit Lombok’s architectural and interior design concepts are expertly done by three highly acclaimed Indonesian talents: Andra Matin, best known as Aang, along with the visionary duo of Gregorius Yolodi, also known as Supie, and Maria Rosantina from d-associates. Together, they bring forth a modern interpretation of the traditional Lombok lumbung- style houses. Embracing the essence of open-air living, the spaces feature meticulously crafted furniture by acclaimed Indonesian designers, abundant use of natural materials, and a seamless connection to the surrounding villages of Ekas Buana where the resort stands.

“We tried to be as natural as possible in designing Innit Lombok. The white sand surrounding the location is a stunning feature that we aimed to incorporate into both the architecture and interior of the villa,” Aang explained.

“In each beach house, the sand seamlessly transitions from the outside to the inside, creating a borderless experience that blends architecture and nature. “We want to integrate these experiences into daily life within the villa,” Supie added.

As you explore the property, you will discover that each beach house is equipped with two bedrooms located on the second floor, accessible via a ramp from the living room. The living room and the bedroom with an ocean view provide panoramic vistas of Ekas Bay, Innit Beach, and, on clear days, even Mount Rinjani in the distance.

Each of the aforementioned houses offers direct access to the beach. The two-story beach houses span an area of 170 square metres and are crafted using four natural materials: concrete, glass, stone, and wood. The exteriors feature elegant facades made from Bengkirai wood, whilst the interiors showcase the timeless beauty of teak wood sourced from Lombok and the neighbouring Sumbawa Island.

Meanwhile, Maria explained the uniqueness of Innit Lombok in a way that it emphasises the harmonious interplay between the magnificent natural surroundings, the resort itself, and its architectural design. “The resort is the medium to engage between these elements.”

The beach houses exude a modern reflection of traditional values, characterised by sleek and understated interiors defined by natural materials and colours. “The furniture in the villas was designed by local artisans and crafted using natural materials such as teak and rattan,” Aang said.

Further down the beach, the oceanfront restaurant called Anakampung serves local and international cuisine, including a signature dish of traditionally prepared lobster grilled over coconut husks, which can be perfectly paired with premium wine and cocktails. Local fishermen catch fresh seafood, lobsters are sustainably grown in open water floating farms, and a small vegetable garden nearby supplies the kitchen with some produce.

To foster a sense of community and encourage mingling among guests, Anakampung features a spacious communal sharing table positioned at the centre of the restaurant. This design choice serves as a tangible manifestation of the establishment’s unwavering commitment to upholding and preserving strong traditional community values.

You will notice a striking 35-metre-long black-tiled swimming pool and wooden deck with sunbeds that separate the beach houses from the restaurant. This allows guests to enjoy a picturesque view of Ekas Bay.

During the conversation, Michal Tyles, the founder of Innit Lombok, mentioned the property’s three ongoing components - Beach Houses, Bridge Hotel, and Innit Residence. “Beach House is already open, with facilities such as the 35-metre swimming pool and Anakampung Restaurant.”

Bridge Hotel derives its name from its unique feature of connecting two hills through a 135-metre-long single-storey linear building. The hotel is positioned approximately 50 metres away from the beach and sits at an elevation of about 20 metres above sea level. “The design of the hotel is sort of unusual, as it may not be the most economical option,” stated the creator. However, our aim was to establish a remarkable landmark that would evoke pride in Lombok, and even Indonesia as a whole. We wanted to create a destination that would captivate people’s interest and entice them to visit and experience a stay at the Bridge Hotel,”
he further explained.

Michal also explained another yet more important reason behind the designof BridgeHotel hewanted to minimise the impact on the existing land and surroundings.“The goal was to minimise the cut and fill works. We implemented this philosophy not only in the architecture of the entire Innit Lombok, but also to reduce the unfavourable impact on the land, surroundings, and the way people in our area live.”

Innit Residence is situated in the elevated region of Innit Lombok, boasting 27 land plots within the resort. Some of these plots are still available for investment, providing an excellent opportunity for individual buyers. These buyers have the option to purchase land plots of various sizes, benefiting from potential capital appreciation. Alternatively, they can construct a villa granting them exclusive access to our secluded beach and all the exceptional facilities offered at Innit Lombok.

Asked why he joined Design Hotels, Michal answered that he loved the brand from day one when he came across their hotel book. Design Hotels offers a range of accommodations for travellers who appreciate good design, architecture, and culture—those who like to explore and look for an original hospitality experience.“None of the member hotels are alike. What each hotel shares is the uniqueness of location, concept, or architecture,”he explained.

“That’s what makes Design Hotels so special to me,” he added.

The future of Innit Lombok is indeed bright and ambitious - to create a modern yet authentic destination in Lombok that will attract people from Jakarta and other parts of Indonesia to visit. “I hope Innit Lombok will become one of the many great places to travel domestically in Indonesia,” expressed the owner at the end of our conversation.

Lombok is brimming with incredible scenery, and guests can easily explore every corner of the island, which offers the region’s finest surfing and snorkelling spots. For those who prefer land activities,there are trails to trek in the rolling, forested hills, offering breath- taking sunsets over the Indian Ocean. As Michal mentioned, the unique design of Innit Lombok is set to entice both international and domestic visitors to enjoy the one-of-a-kind of comfort in the remote area of Ekas Bay in East Lombok.

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