INPP Media Gathering and the Announcement of INPP Journalist Writing Competition

By vira

Indonesian Paradise Property (INPP) held INPP Journalist Writing Competition 2022. On 27 January 2023 they announced the winners at the media gathering that took place in Harris Suites fX Sudirman, Jakarta.

Surina, chief financial officer, and Anthony P Susilo, president director & CEO of INPP

At the INPP Media Gathering 2023, INPP shared the summary of their business achievements throughout the pandemic. Anthony P Susilo, President Director & CEO INPP, said that they did not stop development works. A number of future projects have lined up, where they’ll develop mixed-use project that will reinforce the synergy of the existing business, such as hospitality and commercial buildings.

On a different note, the writing competition received 53 submitted pieces from journalists from various media. Our editor-in-chief, Lina Gan, was amongst the jury. Four winners were announced at the event; 1st – 3rd place and a favourite winner.

Winner announcement

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