An Intelligent Modern Apartment in Pacific Place, Jakarta

Photography By Bagus Tri Laksono

The American Dream might have a white picket fence to protect all that is precious, but the modern Asian Dream aims towards the sky and gives you a bird’s eye view of the world below. Reach for the moon and you might land on a star is how the motivation goes, but the inception of reality reveals a far more intellectual and grounded philosophy in this technologically modernized apartment in Pacific Place, Jakarta.

The journey to the future of high-rise living begins with the lavish lobby reception at ground level leading to a private lift entrance.

Escorted by the concierge to the designated level, one is greeted with a sensor-operated light the moment the lift door opens. A huge door and an antique Lampung piece welcomes each guest. The 505 sqm premium apartment owned by an Indonesia-based Singaporean businessman, Brian J. Chen, was designed by an internationally renowned Singapore-based design firm, Ethospace.

Through its design this modern apartment in Jakarta converts into more than just a box in the sky and embodies the art of living in the 21st century. The ethos brings to life the inception of a dream abode supported by intelligent technology. Coupled with contemporary art, featuring historical female figures from The Mona Lisa to Marilyn Monroe, the interior creates a world of reference with one foot leaping into the future and another firmly anchored in the past - one that covers the best of both worlds, in remembering heritage yet being innovative to the future.

The museum-like display of songket and other Indonesian antique pieces in glass boxes bring a relevance to this living space that dates as much back as it does forward. The owner wanted “something futuristic, yet blended seamlessly with heritage and culture” eloquently explained by Isbandi Hartawan, Chief Project Coordinator of the project.

Indulgently, the entire apartment’s ambience and mood settings can be controlled via switches, main stations (touch screen panels) or mobile via iPad or Android. Settings range from ‘Day’ to ‘Night’ and even as advanced as ‘Romance’, embracing every human emotion in an articulated manner through LED lighting. Air-conditioning can also be controlled via the smart-home system, and far from the “timer switches” past technology, all settings can be done remotely in current time to ensure efficient energy saving is maximized.

The technological aspect was not even spared for the most private areas in the home: even the restrooms feature the combination of functionalism and technology with a spa bath with added Jacuzzi jets, automatic toilets with state-of-the-art controls, and even wash basins with sensors and temperature settings. The curtains and blinds are also controlled remotely to open and greet, or close and completely block out the world.

In the apartment, a smoothly guided symbiosis between private and public spaces is created with single toned walls that set off the neutral palette for the technological lighting mood enhancers. In the living area, floor-to-ceiling windows display the location and view in full amazement during day and night time. Accommodating traveling family members or friends, the multimedia room is equipped with its own ensuite bathroom and sleeper couches, with the addition of glass sliding doors that seal off the living space. The private living area of the apartment, that hosts the master bedroom and second bedroom, can also be cordoned off with sliding panels when entertaining during a party.

Futuristic living has always been imagined to be cold and robotic, while the reality is the exact opposite. Technology can enhance our lives and bring warmth and comfort to our homes. The convenience of technology, blended with a touch of heritage, are the makings of a great home to be in. Having a grand piano up in the sky, along with all the amenities found at ground level, is the intelligent inception of living in an Asian metropolis.

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Dewald Haynes
Born in South Africa, cultural diversity is something Dewald Haynes embrace on a daily basis through his travels. Based in Jakarta he is currently the Editor at Large of Indonesia Design and writing about his findings around the archipelago and beyond is a passion.
Bagus Tri Laksono

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