Jakarta Lestari Awards

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The Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) recently held an awarding event called Jakarta Lestari Awards. The winner announcement took place on 25 February 2023 at Taman Literasi Martha Tiahahu, South Jakarta. The event’s objective is to appreciate people's efforts in preserving Jakarta and to make public aware that architects are not exclusive, they are partners of the public in making a better quality of life alongside of many other entities.

Awarding night at Taman Literasi Martha Tiahahu

The first Jakarta Lestari Awards is consisted of seven categories. The participants can be from any background and profession. A total of 139 initiatives and projects were submitted until the cutoff date on 12 February 2023. “We hope that these awards will boost people’s spirit to preserve the environment or their neighbourhoods, aside from helping the Jakarta government to determine the direction of the state’s development in a sustainable way,” Cosmas Gozali, the head of the committee, explained.

A public event at a public space
Sharing knowledge on making a better quality of life

The jury consists of Cosmas Gozali, Deni Desvianto, Veronica Tan, Ashdianna Rahmatasari, Iwan Kurniawan, Her Pramtama, Makbul Mubarak and Ir. Pauline Boedianto. Msc. Arch.

The winners of Jakarta Lestari Awards are:

Dr. Ir. Nia Nurdiani, S.T., M.T. for the category of Architecture Lecturer

Pasar Minggu Bambulogy Mansion for the category of Technology in Architecture

Quartyanto Yoga Utomo for the category of Video Essay

Sel-Bi Gang Gobang Village for the category of City Village

A-Green for the category of Environmental Preservation

Osrithalita Gabriela (Masjid Jami’ Al Hurriyah) for the category of Young Architect and Young Architect Candidate

Victor Djaja for the category of Architecture Photography

Winner announcement

The awarding night was held in a public park which renovation was just completed last year. It embraced small F&B businesses and anyone was free to enter and enjoy the music and dance performances. It was truly a public event with a bit of architectural knowledge shared on the exhibition boards and in the talkshows.

Inclusive to small businesses

Photos courtesy of IAI Jakarta

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