Jelajah Rempah Nusantara at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

By vira

In celebration of the Indonesian Independence Day, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is presenting Jelajah Rempah Nusantara, collaborating with Javara Indonesia. It’s a three-day event that explores various sensory experiences in understanding the role of spices in culinary culture and wellness. The event will run from 19-21 August 2022 in The Dharmawangsa Jakarta.

Indonesian spices

An array of spices and herbs will be displayed in a unique installation, from Indonesian endemic varieties to those introduced in the to the archipelago during ancient trade. It will hopefully attract visitor’s curiousity to learn more about the spices in an immersive sensory experience. It will also be the gathering place for the talk show “Indonesia Spice Up the World”. A range of other interesting programs will also take place during the event.

A guided wellness practice called Laku Lampa is scheduled on the first day in the morning and afternoon at the Poolside Garden. It’s rooted in Javanese heritage wisdom, adapted from Javanese dances that combines elements of strength, flexibility, rhythm, balance and breathing to achieve physical fitness and clarity of the soul. Matheus Wasi Bantolo, a traditional dance scholar, will be your guide in the program.

Ancient Rice

Workshops are scheduled on the weekend with various themes. Participants will learn all about Indonesian spices, from the history to the modern-day use, in Ancient Rice, 5 Cornerstone Flavours of Indonesia’s Food Culture, Jelajah Nusantara Cocktail Class, Aromatherapy, and Jamu workshops.

Four dining experiences will take place in the weekend, from brunch to dinner, in the hotel’s Jakarta Restaurant and The Courtyard. In Kebun Nusantara Brunch, Borobudur Heritage Dinner and Sunday Brunch, rare delectable heritage food ingredients and menu will be served along with knowledge-sharing about its history and cultural background. In Budaya Pangan Nusantara, food will be served after movie screening of documentaries by Indonesian renowned film directors. “Alam Takambang Jadi Guru” by Riri Riza and “Alam ke Piring” by Leon Lolang, each tells the wisdom of Minang culture and Labuan Bajo food culture respectively.

Brunch with various spices

Two festive programs will make your weekend even livelier. A curated weekend market, which features local brands, from healthy food to home & living products, will happen in The Gallery. While in Festival Merah Putih you can experience the iconic traditional games of Indonesian Independence Day while open-air bazaars and food stalls are laid out at The Poolside Garden.


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