JUNG Electric Indonesia – Home Improvement Talk 2022

By vira

There are various elements to make our home and other spaces more comfortable, one of them is installing the right light switches. JUNG, a German electrical and systems brand specialising in switches and systems, has been an international favourite for high-end homes and commercial spaces. Together with other experts in the related fields, from lighting to air quality, JUNG Electric Indonesia held an exclusive talk for architects and interior designers around the theme “Design for Comfortable Living”, followed by a networking dinner.

Shawn Ang, JUNG ASIA general manager of SEAPAC Region, welcoming the participants.

The event started with a brief welcome speech from Mr. Shawn Ang, the general manager of JUNG ASIA. Then Herman Wibowo, the general manager of JUNG Electric Indonesia (JEI), continued the introduction with the history of JUNG. Founded in 1912 and is now lead by the family’s fourth generation, JUNG is headquartered in Schalksmühle, near Dortmund, Germany. Globally, JUNG company has worked with more than 30,000 architects, designers and craftsmen.

Herman Wibowo of JEI explaining the various JUNG product range.

Herman also introduced the various JUNG products and systems and explained how producing in Germany keeps quality consistent from its production line to installation. Some of JUNG products were displayed at the event. On display were some of the product series including LS 990 in Genuine Metal and Duroplastic as well as LS 990 Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, a popular series that comes in 63 colours. LS ZERO is a flush-mounted series within the LS 990 which creates a seamless installation between wall surfaces and switches. The LS CUBE, on the other hand, is designed to be installed on wall surfaces or furniture, making it a great match for industrial design look. Plug & Light, launched in 2018, is designed to make light control incredibly easy. Often used as bedside reading lamps, the series comes with glare-free optics that can set accent lighting or can be used as work light. The light attachments guarantees optimum light distribution over the entire dimming range and can be rotated 360°.

An interesting insight from Herman is that JUNG products’ sales increased for yachts during the pandemic. The fear of COVID-19 has shipped some people to enjoy the open air in the open seas. Having that said, JUNG switches and sockets are still mostly seen in landed houses, apartments, 5-star hotels, and hospitals. The AS 500 Antibacterial series is a special range for hospitals and nursing homes as it eliminates the risk of infection through adding silver ions to the thermosetting plastic during the production process.

The colourful LS 990 Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier Range
LS and A Range frames and cover options
LS ZERO flush-mounted on wall surfaces
Plug & Light series to showcase the intensity of the luminaires

The talk show continued with guest speaker, Rara Rina. Having studied lighting design and worked in the respected field in Germany for a decade, she then founded Studio Nimmersatt in Bali. Her topic was “Lighting Improvement and Space Flexibility”, in which she talked about the role of lighting design in making a house a flexible, efficient and comfortable home.

Vincent Lee, founder of Vertical Acoustic Design & Build, was the second guest speaker. He spoke about audio engineering in general, how it is important to be applied in homes, house of worship, and pubs as it is in bigger spaces like theatres. Vincent also shared some knowledge on soundproofing and sound treatment.

Ardi Joanda from Medici Health+ spoke about the air quality, where nowadays is one of people’s top priorities in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus. He presented Scent Air, which could increase the purification of the air in a building. Healthy buildings promote better wellness, hence elevating productivity.

The talk ended with door gifts and prizes, followed by a dinner with guest speakers and JUNG Electric Indonesia team.

Dinner at the Blueprint Bites & Brew

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