Kezia Karin Studio Wins A Prestigious APSDA Awards 2023

By vira

KEZIAKARIN Studio, a leading interior design studio founded by skilled designer Kezia Karin, won its latest victory at the Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA) Awards 2023. It did not just win one award; it even won three!

This prestigious APSDA award is held every two years to celebrate the excellence of the interior design profession in Asia and the Asia Pacific. APSDA Awards is known for presenting elite figures and extraordinary projects among architects and interior designers.

In 2023, APSDA will give awards to KEZIAKARIN STUDIO in the Gold and Bronze categories, including the prestigious Young Designer of the Year award, which is the dream of many designers. This award is a testament to KEZIAKARIN STUDIO studio's commitment to innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and unmatched design expertise.

The Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA) is an essential event for Asian and Asian Pacific design associations. The APSDA Awards recognize outstanding architects and interior designers, showcase the best spaces in Asia Pacific, and promote professional standards in the interior design industry.

In the "Project of the Year" category, KEZIAKARIN STUDIO's extraordinary works stand out for their originality, functionality, space planning and aesthetics. The projects that received appreciation at the 2023 APSDA Awards for interior designers are considered capable of pushing the boundaries of imagination while still integrating the practical side and innovation, as well as paying attention to the impact on those who experience them.

The "Personality of the Year" award is an award that recognizes inspirational leadership, industry recognition and influence. Kezia Karin, was recognized for her extraordinary contributions, vision, and commitment to maintaining the highest design quality and inspiring other designers to new heights of creativity and professionalism.

With an undeniable talent and an impressive portfolio, Indonesian designer KEZIAKARIN STUDIO deserves global recognition. The 2023 APSDA Awards provide an excellent opportunity to put Indonesia on the international interior design map and showcase the best of Indonesia's cultural heritage at the world level.

"We feel very honoured and excited to receive this prestigious award from APSDA. This recognition validates our hard work and dedication and places Indonesia on the global stage of interior design. We are confident that by continuing to increase our presence at the international level, we will be able to participate in large-scale projects at a global level, showcasing our unique capabilities and perspectives," said Kezia Karin.


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