Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


Christmas is almost here! One of the best parts of this season is the lovely tradition of gift-giving. Have you bought your loved ones all their presents yet? Are you confused on what to buy for them? Here is a list of last-minute Christmas gift ideas that are not only beautiful, but are also unisex and can fit any style!

Adorable Porcelain Table Lamps from BIKA Living

Perfect for loved ones with families, these cute white porcelain table lamps can liven up any space!

Holy Night Hamper by Vivere Collection

Vivere Collection has provided a series of special hampers just for this season! This Holy Night hamper consists of a candle, two decorative elephants and a beautiful frame all packed in a gift box.

Mushroom Leather Watches by Pala Nusantara

These vegan, environmentally-friendly watches are made of Mylea, a type of leather made out of mushroom. Take part in saving the environment and gift these stylish watches by Pala Nusantara!

Grandpa Tea Set by BIKA Living

These colourful teacups are a perfect gift for those friends or family members obsessed with tea! Make a cute gift set by including teabags in different flavours.

Charming Treasures Hamper by Vivere Collection

This beautiful hamper consists of two gold vases, a gold jewelry box, an elephant picture frame, a decorative cushion, complete with the basket.

Champagne Cooler, Candle Stick & Vase from Conchita Home

These items make for a rustic, homey vibe in any home! These are the Clock House Antler Candle Stick (left), Nima Oberoi Lunares Djembe Champagne Cooler (middle), and the Henry Dean Levy Cylinder Vase (right).

Chewable Toys for Kids from BIKA Living

These chewable vegetables & fruit-shaped baby toys are soft and easy to hold, and are made out of 100% natural rubber and hand painted with natural pigments.
Perfect to give to the happy, healthy family!

Riviere Tray and Ginger Brown Jars and Boxes from Conchita Home

These dainty little jars on a beautiful tray are great decorative pieces to add to any basic space. Fill these up with delicious Christmas-themed cookies and candy for an added personal touch!

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