LEGO Installations at Artina.Sarinah Exhibition

By vira

LEGO in Indonesia has always been thought of as children’s toys. Surprisingly, artina.Sarinah is displaying five LEGO installations amongst other artworks in the exhibition located on the sixth floor of Sarinah building, Central Jakarta.

The 5 LEGO installations at the exhibition

The LEGO exhibition is running from 17-31 May 2023 as a part of artina.Sarinah, a contemporary art exhibition that puts forward the Nusantara cultural values. LEGO itself might not be what comes to mind when one thinks of Nusantara, or art for that matter. But through this collaboration artina aims to invite more people to enjoy art and culture of Indonesia through a different approach and a new experience. “This is the first time LEGO art installation is exhibited along with Indonesian artworks,” says Morine Rociana, the president of Mojosa Creative, the organiser of artina.

Curator Bob Edrian (middle) and KLI member Kendy Kusumo at the opening of LEGO Nusantara Exhibition

The exhibition is a collaboration with Klub LEGO Indonesia (KLI). The five installations are created by four of KLI’s members: Kendy Kusumo, Handi William, Rio Cahyadi and Subagyo W. The making of each of the installations took different approach and duration, ranging from one whole day to six years!

Lenticular Mozaic LEGO by Kendy Kusumo - 2 different images from one artwork seen from different angles.
Borobudur and Prambanan temples by Subagyo W; the Borobudur one took 6 years to finish amidst the artist's daily routines.

Subagyo giving a finishing touch to his Borobudur LEGO
Indonesia Map by Handi William & Rio Cahyadi with small icons on several provinces.
artina.Sarinah logo by Rio Cahyadi

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