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The ongoing LRT Jabodebek (Jakarta and Greater Jakarta Light Rail Transit) project is going to provide people with easy access to travel anywhere in the Jabodetabek area (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi) area once it’s done. But that’s not the only positive thing about the LRT Jabodebek, through this project other satellite cities around Jakarta are going to flourish and be a great alternative for places to stay and live.

Photos by PT. Adhi Karya Doc. UP Kereta Api Ringan Dishubtrans Pemprov DKI, Ist.

Being the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta sure does provide lots of job opportunities. It’s one of the reasons why so many people from different parts of the country want to move and try their luck in the Big Durian.

It is estimated that there are over 10 million people who live in Jakarta and a total population of over 30 million in the metropolitan Jabodetabek area. With these many people, it’s no wonder the housing price in the main Jakarta area itself has been increasing every year, however this in turn allows for other satellite cities to grow because they offer more affordable residential areas.

The development of satellite cities is also supported by the government’s effort to provide easy access for public transportations to reduce the traffic caused by millions of cars and motorcycles commuting in-and-out of Jakarta every day. It’s worth noting that Jakarta has one of the worst traffic jams in the world, as drivers in Jakarta spend an average of 22 days a year in traffic.

Currently Jakarta is seeing the construction of LRT Jabodebek being built everywhere, stretching from Bogor, Bekasi Timur until Senayan. The construction is expected to complete in 2019 and is handled by state-owned construction company PT Adhi Karya.

The LRT Jabodebek development is divided into two phases, the first phase covers Cibubur-Cawang, Bekasi Timur-Cawang and Cawang- Kuningan- Dukuh Atas while the second phase covers Cibubur-Bogor, Dukuh Atas-Palmerah-Senayan and Palmerah-Grogol.

The planned routes above show suburb areas such as Cibubur, Bekasi and Bogor will be greatly benefitted from the LRT Jabodebek transportation system. Among the three cities, the first two have for long been popular suburb areas for citizens due to their close proximity to Jakarta and easy toll access. Both Cibubur and Bekasi have been growing rapidly every year as evidenced by numerous malls, new residential areas and facilities popping up in these cities.

As the LRT Jabodebek project is only two years away from being completed, plenty of real estate developers are rushing to build apartment buildings, housings, superblocks and others in areas where the LRT trains are going to pass through.

Apartment buildings seem to be the most sought-after development projects by these developers, and PT Adhi Karya is preparing a number of integrated superblocks that will include apartments, called LRT City in several areas such as Bekasi and Sentul.

In the first phase development that runs from Cibubur until Dukuh Atas will have several new apartments and superblocks in the near future with most of them are going to be located in Cibubur.

One apartment complex is currently being built near the Ciracas station. Upon the completion of this project, the complex will have 1,600 apartment units.

Meanwhile, close to Kampung Rambutan station there is going to be a superblock consisting of eight apartment towers and located only 3.5 kilometers away from the station.

For the Bekasi Timur – Cawang route, residential homes and apartments seem to be dominating the property scene here, especially in Bekasi area where there are around 10 different property projects by different developers with the majority of them are focusing on residences. One of them is currently developing the first ever Central Business District (CBD) that adopts the floating city concept in Bekasi.

Additionally, there are around three LRT City complexes that will be available in this route and will be located in Bekasi Timur, Jaticempaka and Cikunir.

Yet, another LRT City is also available in the Cibubur – Bogor LRT route that’s listed in the second-phase development and this one is called Royal Sentul Park Bogor.

There’s also one apartment complex also located at Olympic CBD in Sentul, Bogor, an industrial complex that houses 68 local and foreign companies and nine office towers. This apartment complex is integrated with the Cibubur LRT station and it also offers a shuttle bus service for the residents to travel to the station.

Another route in the second phase development is the Grogol – Dukuh Atas route that travels around the city of Jakarta. Most of the residential properties near this route are apartment buildings sold at relatively high price. Some available places to stay near this route are a luxury apartment on Setiabudi Street and apartment complexes on Mt. Haryono Street and Jenderal Gatot Subroto Street.

Meanwhile, Gatot Subroto Street looks like it’s about to get more crowded in the near future, there’s going to be an LRT City that’s going to be built there and a superblock that will have two office and two residential towers.

Through the LRT Jabodebek project, the Jabodebek area is becoming more connected and it might be the solution to the capital’s worsening traffic and high number of population. There’s been a talk that the LRT project will be extended to other cities and if these satellite cities are any indication, the LRT project is going to help improve the development and modernise other Indonesian cities.

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