Louvre Hotels Group Indonesia Celebrates Golden Tulip’s 60th Anniversary


Louvre Hotels Group - Indonesia proudly announces the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Golden Tulip brand worldwide and in Indonesia. It is an important milestone for the brand that portrays the growth, golden memories, and journey of togetherness. Inspired by the spontaneous and open attitude of the Dutch culture and reinforced by the new modes of consumption, Golden Tulip provides a playful outlook on life, work, and travel. A philosophy perfectly summarized in two words: Playtime. Anytime.

WRITTEN BY Iman Hidajat

Founded in the 1960s in the Netherlands, the Golden Tulip hotel chain is part of Louvre Hotels Group, which has more than 170 upscale hotels in 41 countries worldwide. There are five hotels in Indonesia, Golden Tulip Belitung, Golden Tulip Holland Batu, Golden Tulip Jineng Bali, Golden Tulip Pontianak, and Golden Tulip Springhill Lampung. As an upscale brand, Golden Tulip gives today’s travelers a unique experience through an expressive approach to business travel, reinventing hospitality Premium Codes with a creative, playful, and stylish spirit.

Aligned with the business travellers’ behaviors, the hotels encourage guests to mix work and play, allowing them to live and share memorable and joyful memories with friends or between hotel guests, staff members, and passing guests. With top-quality credentials, each hotel provides elegant and luxurious facilities, highly personalized services, ultra-modern amenities, and a deluxe level of comfort.

Through this elaborate occasion and event, Golden Tulip takes the opportunity to thank guests for joining the 60-year journey promising to continue to inspire, instil and infuse a work and play spirit on each adventure. Louvre Hotels Group – Indonesia also seizes the moment to broaden awareness of this brand, aiming to develop more Golden Tulip hotels in Indonesia.

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